Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Release...

of pent up energy and frustration. I gave a test this morning in my class, so this week was hectic with many hours of prep and grading, and stressing that my students really weren't taking the course seriously. It is, afterall, Thermodynamics...a major weed-out class in the curriculum. I passed only about 60% last fall in this class. Usually during tests, I sit and sew, but today I did prep work for Monday so I can have the next 2 days ALL to myself. YEA!.

While the kiddies were upstairs this afternoon (one napping, the other pretending to be a not-so-quiet monkey), I worked feverishly (thanks to my newly acquired cold) in the basement on my many projects. My sewing space is a mess on acount of too many unfinished projects so I need to complete some things asap or I will be in need of another 6' work table. I just bought one 2 weeks ago (to which my husband raised his eyebrows and said "you need this?"... "Yes, dear, unless you want threads and fabric in the dining room indefinitely!")

The last few days I have been piecing the last border for my summer quilt. The piecings are fairly simple, but I am such a stickler for NO CUT OFF POINTS that I am being quite careful. I have managed to make this entire quilt of many hundred triangles and if there is a cut off point, I have not found it yet. OK, that may be an exaggeration, but it is pretty good.

So here is one border piece staged beside the quilt. I have about 80% of the triangles assembled for the other borders. Now they just need to get strung together in a nice, random way. I really love how the border brings out the simplicity of the wider, more neutral border, as well as tying into the very busyness of the central part of the quilt.
I have no idea how this will be quilted. I fear that the Amish would not really want to quilt it how I would want (patterned and not just all stitch in ditch), but I think I will send them a photo to comment on. It has always been my image that this be hand quilted.
Here's a little Unicorn, paper-piecing from Hell. Ha! If I never do anything with this much PPing again, it will be too soon. I am not happy with how the unquilted horse looks, but I can't really decide what to do there. Any ideas??
Tomorrow is my day of sewing for Project Linus. I have three quilts in parts to take. Two just have fleece backs so they should be easy to complete (just tied). The third is made up of 15 of my birthday block swap blocks, and I plan to MQ...just not sure if I will get to it tomorrow. At any rate, it will be a pleasant day away from the noise of my house. We have a weekend of rain in the forecast so the kids will be too energetic inside for my taste. THey also say that we may have Hurricane WhoseIt heading our way too. Batten down the hatches!...

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Tami said...

Hmm, you could quilt allover on the two legs that are in the back. This would then push them towards the background and pop up the other two legs and body. Other than that, I'm really at a loss as to how you could go with it. Sorry. But it is an adorable quilt ... very tween appropriate. :-)