Monday, September 15, 2008

Why Be Normal?

This past weekend, we went to a neighborhood party. It was an "Around the Block" party, where we went to 4 houses, done with different themed events. The first house was the Frat-Toga party. There was a keg in the back of a pick-up and a quarters match in the dining room. Mind you - we are all 15-20 years out of college so this was quite amusing to see. The second stop was the start of the "trailor park trash" theme. Their entire house and garage and yard was decorated to the hilt - pop-up trailor set up, all lawn decorations out, three pick up trucks on lawn and all kinds of good redneck paraphanalia in the house. Very amusing. SHe did squirrel stew (really pulled pork), and had drinks from mason jars. I'm a little embarassed that this hick is my real-life husband, but then, look at me??! I went as Daisy Mae the unwed and pregnant Walmart worker, dolled up with very bright blue eyes, extra-long red nails, large earrings, ciggie & PBR, and the lovely curler in front. Oh, and the back of my maternity shirt had "hottie" in rhinestones! The front (which is hard to read) said "Who's Yur Daddy?...Billy Rae, Bobby? Clinton?". Fortunately, my shoes (which God only knows why Goodwill does not own yet) really hurt so I got to go around as the barefoot and pregnant gal too! The gang quickly decided that I was fit for the head roll at the next house - It was the redneck wedding! So Rosco and I got hitched (again), complete with wedding dress, great redneck vows, jello shooters (to tuck into my nearly-nonexistant cleavage during the ceremony, and staged out rolls like Big Sexy, the angry ex-boyfriend. It was all a riot, really!

Dare I digress for a minute...Back to the real world. I have pieced and quilted this as a present. It still needs binding. If I ever contemplate doing a paper pieced like this again, someone just shoot me.
I also completed this as another Linus quilt. It uses some of my Kona scraps and Kaffe Fassett squares I got on ebay some time ago. It has nice crispness and vibrant colors. Wish I could get that to show in a picture :-((

The quilting is done in the ditch and on the KF squares in a variagated red-mauve thread, flower pattern.

And lastly, if anyone is seeking a sneek peek of my ALQS quilt...the top is nearly completed and I hope to get it sandwiched this week. I must admit, I violated the rule and decided to make a holiday-esqe quilt. At least I do know that my partner is not Jewish!


Gina said...

I love the photo of your alter ego.

Great quilt photos aswell.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Solidia said...

You guys look great! LOL!!

The quilts are really nice. I love the unicorn and the recipient will love it. :)

blackbearcabin said...

what a hilarious party theme idea! you guys look great...and it sounds like you had a blast!!! :)