Monday, December 22, 2008

Winter Has Arrived

Despite my greatest wishes that this season would bear less snow than last year (which had about 120" for us!), it sure looks like we are in for a repeat. Winter started a month or so earlier than usual, with November's average temperatures being nearly 15-20F cooler than what is typical. When I decided I'd put the outside lights up, I really hoped that the electrical cords to the bushes and little fense at the front of the yard would not be burried there until April, Again. Oh well!
Yesterday and Friday's storms netted us at least 18" of fluffy stuff. The boys are out freezing their butts off, as school was unfortunately canceled. No school means the younger two did not go to their last paid day of morning daycare until January, and sad poor Mama did not get her morning in peace to wrap presents and grocery shop. Boo hoo...Despite not being able to decorate the inside of our house as I normally do (our 9 month old kitten is a bit of a pest!), I did get the dining room cleaned out yesterday in anticipation of hosting our 1st Christmas dinner with both sets of parents. Normally my brother's family are at my mom's and we go there. They moved to Italy a year ago, so we have simplified the needing to have a celebration with both sets of grand-parents. It's lots of work to make my house presentable, but not having to go anywhere on Christmas is worth it. Until Santa comes, I have the stockings hung from the top of the china hutch. There is a lighted garland atop of it. It's quite lovely. I made our stockings as each kiddo was born. They are crush panne, with portions of sequined panne and satin. They have lots of Austrian crystals that shimmer beautifully under the lights. No stocking has a name on it. The kids choose which one they want on Christmas eve. I started doing the bows when I made the first three stockings. There are names "mama", "daddy", and "Hayden" in the Austrian crystals. Yesterday I decided to finish the bows for the other two and discovered I needed to order more.
With Hanukah starting, I wish my best to my Jewish friends-
Have a great week-
and as a last minute sidenote for the partner making my 4SQS5 quilt...some info about me, as I suggested others to do if they see fit. I am orderly, but somehow manage to live in chaos. I sew much the same way! I like unconventional and original designs, but I hate those funky lopsided trees and houses that every body is making. I dislike sloppiness such as nipped off triangle points or mismatchings. I love traditionally pieced quilts and more modern-looking both. I love good needle-turned applique, but pretty much fathom most others (except for the distinctively excellent work of Janice!). Picky? Yea...somewhat, but I appreciate the effort that goes into these works. I dream of receiving something that appears to have the thought and effort that I put into my works. That's where peeking here will lend insight. I am a gal that is not afraid of color and patterns, just preferably not dull, murky or homespuns. Have fun. You know I am a peeker so limit postings to sneek peeks. I am a complete sentimentalist, so those that sneek in the little details that remind me of something personal ate golden. Sew bold, sew joyously, and sew You.

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Kathy said...

I know you are tired of the snow already, but to us folks way down in Texas, that is a BEAUTIFUL picture of your home and all the snow.

I love how you hung the stockings from the china cabinet with the bows -- very cute.

Stay warm!