Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Still in the quilting trenches

Within a matter of a couple days, my nearly completed (I say "nearly" because it still has some finishing applique to do) Little Dresses quilt should be finished. It needs the last 2 borders, but I discovered that one of the fabrics (a pink) had not been washed yet. Rather than chance that the hot pink would bleed all over the ivory Egyptian cotton, I decided to halt production for the day.

So what has 48 3"x2.375" blocks, 96 2.375"x2.375" squares, 64 2.75" squares, 64 2.375" x 3" rectangles, and 32 rather odd shaped trapezoids??

The last border going on my quilt. There are easier ways to make scrappy swagged border, but that was my approach. Hold on a day or two and I will post completed pictures! And oddly, making the last 10 paper pieced little bows went off well (and I have about a postage stamp of that green and yellow left!).

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