Monday, March 16, 2009

An Easter Dress Nearly Complete

This post doesn't need too many words. My darling 2-1/2 year old needs a new dress for Easter. I'm not into pastel, frilly (aka typical Easter dresses), and I want something that she will wear until we need woolens again. The season of short sleeved clothing is so short here in Maine. She looks splendid in the color coral...not really peach, but a tad deeper & pinker.

This fabric is from the Buggy Barn In the Pink II line. I wanted a slightly different style from others I have made - smocked variety.
The neck is lovely. My rolled-hem foot does such a nice job. Sorry, it's not my skill alone!
And the bottom hem has a sweet croched lace - Very girly!!...Now to make those boys of mine look presentable (there's the real task!!)

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Anonymous said...

Very cute dress, I really like the ruffles on the sleeves!