Wednesday, April 08, 2009

End of my Naughty Streak

The last of what I ordered while my husband was away 2 weeks ago has arrived. If had not gone under, and they had actually sent BOTH of my orders (at a whopping 50% discount), I might not have gone quite so far over the edge with purchases. It is dilectable, however, to be sewing with some new and fairly hip fabrics. The pinks above are going into a project O am sewing right now. The Eiffel tower print is for a birthday block, and the Fairy Frosts are mostly because I just LOVE them. I am using a few in a diamond quilt currently on the table, the turquoise is on my last row robin row, and who knows with the rest.
I don't have a total plan for this last set, but I always use black & whites, and never have enough, and will probably make another ruffly, layered skirt for Sophie from the bold pinks.


patricia said...

I love your green and blue Eiffel tower print so much it makes me want to set my hair on fire! (OK, not that much, but I love the expression... Quilting deserves hyperboles sometimes.)

Tami said...

Oooooh fairy frosts ... those are the coolest fabrics ever. :-)

zigzago said...

Loveley the fabrics you use!

zigzago said...

Loveley the fabrics you use!

I Love Baby Quilts! said...

Lucky you!