Thursday, April 30, 2009

Have a little Quilt Show

Those of you that follow what I do, know that I make loads of Project Linus quilts to donate to grieving and sick children. I've been on quite a roll this year. With it only a third of the way through, I have 28 completed quilts for donation. Over the last 2 weeks I finished off a number of the flimsies I had laying across the end of my ironing board (the pile was getting in the way of other "pressing" issues!!). Here's 4 that were completed...

I'll be the first to tell you that this is not the prettiest. It does, however, bring back lots of memories for me - seeing leftover blocks made for other projects. There are some child-captivating and fun novelties used, even if it is not an artistic quilt by any real quilter's standards. It'll keep someone warm and happy.

The back is pieced from the last of one of my most sentimental fabrics ever, donated by my sister-in-law (the blue bow fabric). To many it is not so pretty or special, but it symbolizes the love for a child.

Here is another that is totally out there. I was on a quest to use as many novelties as possible (like that is not obvious!). It is totally whimsical. I like the whacky Japanese cats and teacups, as well as the crazy pink and green fish.
It's like an "I-spy" from another planet.

close up...Here's a little frog love. Bright colors, happy-hoppy, froggies. My mother gave me 4 or 5 frog pieces of fabric a year or so ago, and I just got around to using them. FUN!


...and the back, using the remaining frog leftovers.

I dipped into the strip box here, making scrappy 12" boy-colored blocks. Many use leftover John Deere pieces from a quilt I did earlier this month. I really like the randomness and colors of this one. The back is the lime green.

In addition to these, I was also busy finishing off some quilts with blocks donated by the ladies and gent of the Spring Fling Round Robin, which I host. There are seven more donation quilts completed here - There's a slideshow at this link.

Now I am onto completing a few birthday blocks for a swap, a piece for the ALQS3, and working on some Bento Box blocks for a quilt in the works.

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Anonymous said...

No surprise here but i love the frog quilt! I am sure these quilt will make some children very happy!