Thursday, April 02, 2009

No Will Power, whatsoever

New Year's resolutions are just pointless. I am incapable of keeping them. I lasted until about February on mine, and blew it big time a week or two ago. I was supposed to go until April 1st with no new fabric. Here's some of what has come recently. I just LOVE these birds!
These Kona solids are to do something with this Alexander Henry print I found recently (yes, while on my "diet"). I also ordered a dozen fat quarters or so of various Kaffe Fasset prints that coordinate with these. My thought is that my oldest son might be ready for a more mature quilt in the next year or so. I actually thought I ordered these from www.quiltartsonline 2 weeks ago when I saw that they had a killer 50% off sale. After my 1st order with them arrived last weekend, I hoped the remainder would be along soon. I checked their site yesterday to find my order was canceled and they'd gone out of business! Sucks - it was all on sale then :-)
These were also found last week on a 30% off sale. There's just something about that mustardy-yellow-green and loden and pink that I am so attracted to right now. With Sophie's quilt nearly finished, and my desire to keep her from ruining it before she can appreciate it, I am contemplating doing a simpler and smaller quilt for her to use until she is a little older - maybe not a full twin size, but a large lap quilt. I'd like to do a simple diamond pattern in all of these bright and fresh prints. I have more than enough of them right now.
So, I have been quite naughty. I rationalise this on account of a healthy tax return due in to my bank account in a few days, and my hubby getting a more than health company bonus in April. I have another 10 yards or so somewhere enroute to me - including half a dozen colors of this Fairy Frost that I adore so much! Now once I complete a couple of chores I have in the works (SFRR3 border and row robin row, and 2 birthday blocks) I can hunker down and focus on another large quilt. Simple, but large. I want the fabrics to speak, not the pattern.


Anonymous said...

Well you did good (for awhile)! So it is alot less fabric bought than if you let yourself go wild starting Jan 1st. Think of all the money you have already saved!:-))))
Love that blue-purple fabric!

imquilternity said...

Thanks so much for the order! You picked some lovely fabrics and the photo (last one) shows just how well they all go together! Your black/dark blog background really sets them off nicely too.

I Love Baby Quilts! said...

Love your choices, especially the Tina Givens! I got some of my fabric from that sale as well, but only four of seven selections. Oh well, something is better than nothing when it comes to fabric!