Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Random Acts of Quilty Kindness

Quilters are great people. Just great. In the running of the nearly dozen swaps I have hosted over the last 2 years, never have I received so many great gifties from so many people as I have the last few months. There truly are too many to list them all, ranging from pieces of fabric, to little gifts, to sending me a number of blocks from which I have made charity quilts. I am floored, sincerely. Yes, running these swaps is tedious, time consuming and on occasion frustrating. But it's a job I take on because I believe that the majority of those that swap love to do it, and need a facilitator. Out of the blue today, these pieces of fabric arrived from Wendy. She's done several of my swaps this past year, and consistently creates a lovely end product. When I saw her package, I thought perhaps she'd decided to make a large stack of the Colorblocks that we are doing at the Four Seasons Quilt Swap, but I was quite surprised to find these nearly yard sized pieces of fabric instead.
They are for my Linus donation quilts, except perhaps for the little houses that I TOTALLY adore (and coveted on another blog a few weeks ago). It's so completely cute. I am speachless for your generosity - Thank you! I may meet my goal of 52 quilts for this year yet! And another recipient of some less than ideal 9-patches emailed to volunteer her's for my charity quilts too. Amazing, the kindness (ok, albeit, some of them may just be disgusted that they got so many unusable blocks, but I see it as the glass half-full!). Thanks, Vanessa.

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