Wednesday, March 24, 2010


This is my week off from school/teaching, but it is technically not a vacation for the local elementary schools. Do I hear "Yea!"?... Yah, right. At 6am Monday morning, my husband started puking. He stayed home that day. It's not that he's all that much of a problem, but that I couldn't do all those things that are usually done on a Monday like vacuuming & other noisy chores...playing princess and dancing with my sweet 3 year old. So at noontime, I got a call from the school saying I needed to pick up my 7yr old. I immediately took him to a clinic, discovered he has yet another ear infection, and proceeded to blow a good hour of usual sewing time. It's not that I don't thoroughly love all those wifely and motherly duties (yea, right, choke!), but I've been counting the days down to this week for a month now. And frankly, I was counting the days till the boys were in school for much longer than that! So then, Monday night, after my husband is starting to feel human again, my 5 year old starts fussing of a stomach ache. Great, a sleepless night, and a fast moving virus. What a week. I already knew the other one would be home on Tuesday. Now it's the whole crowd. Bryce was up a couple times in the night but never puked until morning, after I'd already decided I'd keep him home. OK, I'd reconciled that my Tuesday was going to suck too, but the emotions are in the fine print. I had two doctor's appointments that day, and Sophie had a speach therapy appt that obviously had to be cancelled. Today they are technically both on the mend. I am still suspicious of potential spreading of that tummy flu. Sophie and I have still averted it, knock on wood. I had to drive Bryce to school because he refused to get on the bus and had a fit outside in the snow. Yes, as though the week has not been bad enough, it started snowing last night and ruined my illusion that it was spring! But on the bright side, I did have this morning free to quilt, and I have been plugging away on the very detailed black/batik applique quilt I showed last week. It makes me nervous that I have to do my applique show quilt. It takes immense control! So, hope your week's shaping up to be better than mine :-)


Karen said...

From a mom that's been there...some weeks are just like that when you have kids. Hope everyone feels better soon and you stay healthy!

Lee said...

Hope everyone gets better soon. I too was hoping to take a me day and do some quilting, but no, I got called into work. I haven't had a full day at home for over two is starting to wear on me big time. I am really looking forward to Sat. boys will be out of town and girls have no committments! :)

Pokey said...

Sorry for the "bug" that messes with more than plans. Why can't we plan our illnesses, so that they come on a "convenient" work week?
You know I'm kidding. Hope everyone gets better, AND you can accomplish the goals, too.
Murphy's Law applies here.