Friday, April 23, 2010

Another week goes by

and not a minute too soon! I'm very ready for the kids to be back at school. Did I say Very Ready??

It has been a silly weather week too. Sunday morning (after having temps anywhere from 50 to 80 in the last 4-6 weeks) we awoke to a ridiculous dusting of snow. Kind of pretty on my blooming hyacinths though in a sick sort of way. The snow was gone within a couple of hours, thankfully.
I have quilted a couple of baby quilts this week. No pictures. Nothing interesting to show. I am also working on the portrait quilt for my oldest son's teacher. That I will show in 2-3 days when the binding is finished. It's really cute. I have not the mojo to do much else though. Feeling tired and uninspired, and generally uncreative. Not a good recipe for quilting. As a result, I took my show quilt (shown a week or 2 ago here) off the LA, so that I could "stew and stare" at it for a while before I finish it. Parts of it were bothering me, and it's that old saying "I am my own worst customer". I second guess myself 10 times worse when I know the project/quilt is for myself. Quilts generally come out better and certainly faster when they are for someone else! I have one queen quilt to do this week, and then I will endeavor to finish the silly wall hanging. I did manage to nearly complete a nice quilted tote for my sister-in-law. She supplied some fantastic indogo batiks, some dimensions, and a less than subtle request for a bag! Her's is nice - I like it. I even made a small zippered mini-bag for carrying little things inside of the bag, or perhaps for passports (she's the continental one, living in Rome!). Someday soon I must make one for myself too :-) Sophie has been dropping less than subtle hints about my working on her smocked - aka "Fancy" dress, which is technically for her birthday at the end of the summer, but I want her to have it to wear all summer. I have the smocking 95% done, but must now create the pattern for the bodice, and get going modifying an existing pattern to make this fancy frock that she so wants. Something tells me that introducing her to Fancy Nancy will undoubtedly bite me on the backside! Fancy = $$$ = much time!

I leave you with the last (I promise) picture of my "Summer on the Beach" quilt, and a picture I had a person at the show take for me (only after hearing her talk so kindly of the quilt). The ribbon is 1st place, despite not being blue. For the record, I much prefer a purple ribbon anyways!!

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Renée's Country Quilts said...

This is my all time favorite quilt, even out of all the ones that I have done. It is gorgeous, the pattern, the colors, and of course the extraordinary quilt job that you did just tops it off. That is definitely eye candy.
Congratulations.. I am amazed you get any quilting down with 3 small children.. my teenager, and 2 dogs are enough.. I am pulling my hair out.. lots of mistakes, starting and stopping.. sorry for rambling.