Wednesday, August 18, 2010

When the Cat is Away...

In my house, the mice don't exactly play, but they don't cook either! My husband was in Boston for a couple days this week, and it was fine dining for the kids and I.
I have been working hard this week, with my boys off at camp some days. I get an uninterrupted nap period from my daughter to sew. Plus I sewed in the evening Monday since I was home alone. This is a quilt for a breast cancer patient that a client brought me last month. It's soft and delicate. The quilting, though not intrinsically complicated in the pink squares, is intentionally more detailed where I thought it'd show more (the white areas).
Here's a few closer up shots...some swirly feathers. I find this type feather is a better choice when there are differing shades of color or heavier prints. They don't show the less exact backtracking over the feather, which is harder to do on prints.
The center medallion is pretty. It has a sweet scalloped blanket stitch around the applique. I just wanted to set it off a bit with the quilting.
And here is definite progress on my Olivia Project Linus quilt. She's now a flimsy. The back is pieced too. This quilt is next in the que to be quilted, after a custom I am doing is finished. I think (provided it gets done) I will also show this at a guild quilt show next weekend (yes, the 28th...yikes). Better get hopping!

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