Saturday, September 11, 2010

I am Chipping away at that List

Despite doing solely non-longarm sewing (aka "that List"), and actually making decent progress (maybe I will post that at the end of the weekend), I thought I'd show a baby quilt that I sent off to it's California owner earlier this week. She does textbook perfect needle-turn applique. It's always nice to quilt her work since it's square, and neat, etc. - and very beautiful. It is one lucky baby.
I quilted another quilt similar to this for her a month or more ago, but this one is a little bit larger. I tried my hand at the ribbon candy for the sashings. I need to practice this a bit more, but it looked pretty decent (maybe because the sashings were striped and the quilting didn't show that much!).
I also pebbled only around the periphery of the appliqued hearts to make them pop out. And a little bit of curved cross-hatching on the 9-patches, done in white and pink.
...and lastly, one glimpse at the back. It is a soft flannel, and actually shows off the textural patterns nicely.
I got an email from her yesterday saying that she loved the quilt, so my work is complete :-))


Carolyn said...

Gorgeous! I wouldn't have thought of that treatment for the hearts, what a great idea!

Ellen said...

Your quilting is phenomenal! I find myself drawn to the quilting more these days than the piecing or fabrics and you're providing me with beautiful inspiration. Thanks so much for sharing all the special touches. Good luck on your list for you, too!

Angie said...

That is beautiful!! Love the quilt you BOTH did a great job!! :0)

black bear cabin said...

another beauty...your quilting is so lovely!

Ivory Spring said...

Sweet sweet quilt. Brilliant idea to pebble around the hearts.

Yvette said...

I would be afraid to use it on a baby, it is just too beautiful.

Vivian said...

Just got all the blogs I read loaded into Google Reader and was catching up and saw this post. WOW!!!!

You always quilt so beautifully but this one is really inspired. You managed to take a lot of simple quilting elements and elevate them to an heirloom piece.

Well done and as you said, one lucky baby!

Tatkis said...

Oh, it is an absolutely charming quilt! I'm so excited!

Best wishes,