Friday, October 01, 2010

Friday Alas

Clearly this week has gotten the best of me. I have missed my weekly Tuesday post by 3 days, but that was partly because there was nothing but frustration to blog about. I have had fussing Thermo students and too much homework to grade! I had kid's afterschool events 2 days this week, and met with a builder for nearly 2 hours yesterday (we are remodeling the downstairs). I went to add the swag border on my grape applique quilt, to find that the corner blocks did not align very well. I then went to my EQ7 file to check if I used the right pattern, and the damn thing was an empty file! I just about croaked. OK, not really. I sputtered a TON of foul mouthed words, and threw the quilt into a heap on the table. And there it sat for several days. I since located a paper version of the swag pattern and am currently reworking the pattern so that I hand applique all the swags after the background is readded. Oh, and of course I discovered that I used the wrong fabrics on the inner border and it had to be redone, and naturally I did not have any left of one color, so more was ordered. Blah, blah, blah!... So today before I got a long-winded call from my son's school, I made one of the 16 backgrounds for the swags. Maybe I can get a few more done later-

I spent most of this week knocking off customer quilts. I am trying to clear a good chunk of my backlog before I take off for the HQ retreat in a week. Upon my return, I have a large custom quilt that must be quilted for the Folsom Quilt and Fiber Guild. It will be their raffle quilt.

The only thing I can really say I did is put the binding on this quilt. I chose a fun stripe, with hints of metallic. Now I need more TV stitching...

Here's one of the lap quilts finished for a client. It's already off enroute to Texas, probably due to arrive by Monday. It's a fun pattern I have not seen done before. The fabrics are lots of lovely shades of tan & taupe. I used the Plumage pattern.

...and a closeup,

This runner is from a local client. Actually, she has been a friend of my mom's since grade school, so basically family. She drops off runners every month or two for quilting.

Have a good weekend, and try to be more prolific than I have been this week!


Strlady said...

Wonderful work, as usual. Thanks for the sneak peek! I'm off to cut some binding for that baby!

Yvette said...

Everything is quilted so beautifully, as usual.