Friday, October 15, 2010

Handi Quilter Retreat, Installment #3

I should have entitled this post "Pure Greed". Or "Gluttony". Whatever you call it, it was so completely over the top and unexpected. I was suggested that we bring an extra bag for "goodies" but I thought we'd mostly be purchasing these. I only spent about $20 the entire weekend. My kids are happily devouring the bag of SLC salt water taffy!
The pin cushion was a gift from one of the gals that couldn't make the trip. A few of the items above were purchases, but mostly all of them were given to us. That is 3 spools of Rowan thread. Now, if most of my Kaffe Fasset fabric was not purple!?@
On Tuesday's ruler's lessons, these templates were tossed at us like candy. It is almost unbelievable that I nearly bought some swag rulers recently and just figured I could keep making due using the circle templates that I have! And then to get more circles too! I have a few circles which I like because they are like a doughnut, rather than solid as these are. I do prefer to follow the inside of the template rather than going around the outside of a large circle. These circles, do however, have lines for making similar size arcs which is great. I now have templates in 4 sizes for making clamshells. And another handy small ruler for a number of things (aptly called the Versa tool). Awesome, I tell you, just awesome. And rather a pricey gift :-))
We got HQ's collection of DVD's on all kinds of topics from groovy boards (which I have yet to buy) to other techniques. I need to set aside an entire weekend to view them! This is a $99 gift! Catch my drift??...they must really love us!
Here's a new collection of current magazines. All are new to me but one. JOY!!
And a nice sampling of batting. I'm not sure what to do with the packages of 6 sheets of 18"x18" batting except piece them together and use for runners or smaller things. I got some new batting scissors, but there whereabouts will be covered in another day or two (in my Fun with TSA post...I'm sure you can read between these lines!!). That sack of threads is a mixed bag of nice spools compliments of Superior and YLI - I think there is a nylon, a candlelight yarn, King Tuts and a couple others. Everyone's bag was a little different.
On Monday afternoon, we took a shopping spree trip. HQ gave us a $50 gift certificate, to which the quilt shop took 20% off of the total bill too! I grabbed a number of small cuts to maybe make some runners with, and 2 yard cut of a pink flowered print to do a dress for Sophie. The precuts (jelly roll, layer cake and charm squares) were given to us by Moda and came in one of the bags that HQ had prepared for us. Again, each of us had different precuts. My jelly roll is Christmassy, but it is not looking likely that I will get anything made for this Christmas! I did select some cuts too at our shopping spree to do myself a holiday table piece, but again, the same thoughts apply. Life and quilting are pretty busy at the moment.
So what could possibly be left to say about my weekend...Sometime near the end of this month, our pictures and videos will be finished with editing. They took head shots and quilting shots of us with one of our quilts to create our Handi Quilter advertisement for the magazines. HQ advertises in 96 magazines annually, so we can expect to be in about 6-7 ads next year. On top of that, there will be a taped "story" going on their website and on YouTube. Our mugs will also be going on the side of the HQ truck, which travels from quilt show to quilt show throughout the year. Are we now famous???... hardly. Happy for sure though!
I got word yesterday that my quilt Primavera is receiving a special recognition award at the Georgia Quilt Show. I'm pretty pleased at that!
Have a good weekend. Now that most of my retreat posts are done (All but Fun with TSA), I guess I have to get sewing!


Trudi said...

Wow, what generosity! I've really enjoyed reading about your retreat. You must still be pinching yourself! LOL Happy Quilting!

Maddie Kertay said...

hahahaha... TSA yep... they pulled apart my box.. tossed the whole thing.. I mean really.. they were scissors.. in box.. a box I did not have control of... realllly???


Lisa Marie said...

OK SOOOO Jealous! I wanted to get in the HQU this Fall but couldn't make it work $ wise. Hopefully in the Spring. I LOVE my Avante and we have really "bonded" Need to take the classes so I can try more techniques and get out of my comfort zone of only Pantographs