Saturday, June 11, 2011

The teasers continue

I know it is hard to get a good sense of where my madness is leading when I only show snippets of the quilting. Sorry, that is somewhat intentional. There will be a grand reveal eventually.
I am trying to create am organic look here, with some new quilting motifs for me, ones that can convey the flow of water. Waves and tides to be exact. These are difficult items to "quilt", but hopefully you will see this feeling eventually with this quilt. The picture above show a couple of the "waves" I appliqued onto the watercolor background. Below is just sand.

Abstract or art quilts are hard to stitch. This is a tremendous stretch for me, as my orderly brain thinks better in terms of traditional, and symmetrical quilts. I am approaching halfway through the mid-section of this top. It does quilt up relatively quickly in comparison to other detailed quilts I have done recently since it is 95% freehand quilted. On one hand, it is very liberating. On the other, I have no idea if this will be nice or just 3 miles of thread!

Do you have any suggestions for organic shapes to quilt?


Vicki W said...

You seem to be doing a great job with the motifs on your own! It looks fabulous!

Emma said...

This looking gorgeous - but then; your quilts always do!

LynCC said...

You have some really interesting motifs going. :) My eyes delight in exploring.

Rhonda said...

Your quilting is outstanding. I think you're on the right track...... WOW.... in a word!