Friday, July 22, 2011

Baskets, Baskets and more baskets

Somewhere near 80 baskets I think.

This is already home with it's owneer, but posting it slipped through the cracks with all of the chaos of our home renovation. The fabrics all came from the owner's many visits to Hawaii.
The backgrounds were a little bit hard to see anything on while I was quilting. They are just small prints in tiny dots or toile. The ivory thread just disappeared from my eyes half of the time.

Everything is ditch quilted, but what to actually quilt on the baskets themselves was a challenge at times. I did tropical-ish looking flowers, leaves and a variety of swags.

Some of the larger baskets have feathers and ferns or flowers coming out of them. To keep with the tropical look, I did a pseudo pineapple leaf border in the red. I would have probably done a beadboard or something with rulers since the freehanded visibility is kind of a nightmare.

And a few looks at the back... The majority of the backing is what I consider a quilter's nightmare: pure white. It shows the quilting very well, but doesn't hide anything (assuming I might want to hide a few stops/starts or ill-placed stitches!). It is fun for showing the many (maybe 6-7) different colors of bright threads used on the baskets though.
All of the basket outlines are much more visible from the back too.

Kind of fin...

It's like a tropical sauna here - high 80's and grossly humid already (barely 9am). Hope you can find a cool place to chill today ;-)


Desley said...

Very pretty.

Vicki W said...

That looks like a really fun one!

LynCC said...

Wow!!! Look at that incredible back!! This quilt is so fun - love the baskets. Kudos. :D

Connie said...

Beautiful! Love all the baskets and the quilting is wonderful!

SeeingStars said...

Beautiful quilting! I enjoy stopping by your blog to see what you've been doing. Thanks for sharing this one.