Monday, September 05, 2011

The Fruits of my Labor

Today marks the end of the 4-day weekend. Kiddos go back to school tomorrow and hopefully they will slip into a normal routine without too many days off. I have had a little time this weekend to play on the wholecloth quilt I have loaded. This is my first attempt, so it is completely marked with blue pen (which is still there). Perhaps someone can tell me if I can remove the pen from the silk (silk Radiance 50% cotton) before I do the background fillers, or will it leave water spots?
It's not large - only about 38". I have not decided what fillers I am using. In fact, when the last of the feathering and echoing is done, it will probably come off the frame so I can qiult some customer's quilts. I have some Invisifil coming for the background fillers in colors other than the champagne.

I had to lay on the floor to take this picture from the back side. It is really a deep olive green (and not the brown that my monitor is showing). It is clear that I have some areas that don't have exact/ideal symmetry, and these will possibly be "fixed" at some point. I am still having trouble with looping of the Bottomline thread (but on the topside of the quilt!), but sinceI changed bobbins, I have had less issues. Nevertheless, I have at least 2 places on each of the feathers stitched so far that have to be taken out and fixed (sigh!). Not sure that this will ever be "show worthy", but it is a learning process I wanted to take. It's more like going to the mall in your satin underwear...every last mis-stitch, wobble and roll of fat shows!


annlp said...

I have worked with the Radiance quite a bit and never had it water spot. I have removed the blue pen a little at a time by spritzing a small area and by wetting the whole quilt after quilting to block.
Good luck, it's looking wonderful!

Tera Larsen said...

You are absolutely amazing! You do such beautiful work. I am completely blown away by the amount of detail that each one of your quilts have. Each one is unique and gorgeous :)

Elaine said...

You sound like me. I have the same problems. Everything seems to show and I don't like that. How can one be perfect.
I've never had a problem with the blue marker coming out. I always wash the quilt in the end and everything is fine. You do have to wash though and not just wipe it out. THen it comes back.
Your quilt looks great. I love wholecloths and wish I had more time to practice.

Desley said...

I like how you have done an unusually shaped frame around the centre feather motifs.

Jan Hutchison said...

Your wholecloth looks beautiful! I have washed Radiance with no problems, but it will lose a little bit of that wonderful glossiness.

Mary said...

It's lovely, Margaret!