Monday, January 23, 2012

Little of This, Little of That

Back to work and school as usual, although it is a relatively short week. The boys have a half day on Thursday and no school Friday. What happened to going to school 5 days a week?? This past weekend had little quilting. That seems to be the trend lately. My husband took the little princess to a ski hill for the first time. The boys wanted to go badly, but she was only going up and down the magic carpet. I don't think my husband ever put on his ski boots. If you are under age 6, this part of the mountain is free, so this winter is the time for her to learn. He seems to think I will accompany the kids soon (he'll take her, and I get the boys). I'm not sure I've had enough to drink to agree to this. Mind you, I do/did ski, but have not been on a mountain since my oldest was born/conceived. My ski pants were outgrown 2 kids ago.
While Miss S went skiing, I had to have a diversion for the boys. Staying home would only prove to drive us all crazy. I took them to the movie "We Bought a Zoo", which they actually liked. I did too, but am a little bummed that there is a scene in it that all but gives away the Easter Bunny. Mothers of young kids beware! They then got to go sledding/snowboarding at a local hill that they've been begging to go to since we got snow.

Standing around with cold feet on a steep hill isn't exactly fun, but capturing this awesome faceplant on film was worth it. Yea, my son can snowboard (snicker...). They had fun none the less, and I survived.

Mr. Picasso is growing. We've had him almost a month and he's so much bigger. Such a completely sweet kitten (he's snoozing on my lap as I type).

I finished a couple baby quilts for a new client. She's a self-proclaimed self-taught quilter, with a somewhat avant-gard style. Whatever. Her tastes are simple and easy to please. She loves the swirls, and asked for them twice.

Nothing too complicated or time-consuming here. Just happy babies.

I got the news today that this quilt has been juried into the AQS Lancaster show in March. I don't know how it will do, but getting in is a good first step. There are 200 quilts in the show, and if I remember, quite a lot of categories. Now I am busy trying to move up an appt to have 4 quilts appraised. I stitched a hole in the end of a finger last week with all the hand work (2 bindings and 2 sleeves) I had to do for the 2 quilts going to MQX. They are getting appraised as well. Here's a little avant-gard show of my own...just to keep you guessing :-)

Time for me to go get to work. I'll post pictures of something later this week. Happy sewing.


LynCC said...

Whoa! For a second I thought that was the quilt just as the photo is. :D Pretty trippy effect.

Lisa Marie said...

I don't know how in the world you have the time to do so many quilts for show. I was looking at your list of awards and the different quilt names on your website page and was just amazed! Nonetheless, congrats on AQS! And that swirly-whirly quilt looks awesome! Will you be sending these things straight from MQX on to MQS so I can see them in person?????? :D

kayluvs2quilt said...

OK..I give up..Is that the actual quilt or did you 'special effects' a picture of the quilt?