Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Catching Up

Today's post includes some quilts that I have done recently but not posted for whatever reason. This first one was actually just taken off the frame yesterday. Becky made this double wedding ring lap quilt for herself from some modern-ish fabrics. The background is a most-nontraditional charcoal. More often, the background is a pale color.
She specifically asked for flowers in the open spaces. This was a somewhat challenging request because the fabrics are all so graphic and geometric. I had a harder time devising a floral motif that felt like it belonged on the quilt. In the end, she chose 2 of the flowers I had drafted and had me alternate them in the open background blocks.

That color is pretty washed out, but you get the idea. I used a silvery-aqua Glide thread. The color is not as evident in the photos, but the shine is pretty.

The next 2 quilts are from a Cali client. They were quilted a month or so ago. Do you recognize a common trend here?... I think she loves blue and red :-) This one is a simple and clean modern design made with strips of variable width. It is edgy and bold. I knew I wanted the Razorgrass pantograph for it as soon as I saw the top.

It shows perfectly on the solid blue fabrics. I think I used a white Omni thread for this quilt.

Julie's second quilt is a sampler of sorts. It is made of many star-like blocks, with a center medallion block. It is actually for ner nephew so I didn't want anything too feminine. I chose a red thread (top and bobbin) to help bring out the small hints of red on the top.

As you see above, the backing is black, so the red shows there, bringing interest. Julie selected the Plumage panto. It's kind of a semi-generic edge-to-edge, without being too girly. All of the loops and curls help to soften the many linear lines and straight-edged geometries on this quilt.

Now, with 21 days until I depart for MQX, I have a few quilts still to finish and much prep to do. I have 3 hands-on classes that I have to have fabrics, thread and batting cut for. A more pressing issue is finding 3 days of clothes to wear that don't make me look like the basement-dwelling, mole-mom, quilter-by-day and night freak that I am! Sigh...


  1. love that dark grey on the DWR - makes the rings pop so nicely. Your quilting is as exquisite as ever, and the pantos are both perfect for the RWB quilts

  2. Ooh, that DWR has Tula Pink fabric, my favorite! Love the quilting :)

  3. Love that DWR! The flowers in the negative spaces are really great and I like the swirls too. Your friend did a terrific job piecing this one. Thanks for sharing.

  4. thanks for the great photos (and quilting!) Margaret -- I think I'm done with RWB for a while...

  5. I just caught up with this post. I'm not sure why, but I keep subscribing to your blog and it doesn't show in my reader! Anyway - I adore what you did with my DWR. And Tula Pink herself posted it on her FB page! Everyone has been raving about the quilting so I posted your website on the comments so they can find you! Hope that's okay! :)