Monday, August 06, 2007

Book Blanket Challenge

Our local Project Linus chapter is hosting a Book-Blanket Challenge this fall. The idea is to select a children's story and design a quilt around it or one of it's characters. The quilts will be given to children at Barbara Bush Children's hospital between Thanksgiving and the end of December. It's a great thing, and gives me chills every time I think about it. It makes me sad to think that it could be my kid in the hospital. It's sad to think of any child there at Christmas.

So, here's the story I have chosen. It's fun and bright and genderless. Perfect.

Several months ago I sketched this as the concept for the quilt. Very informal, could've on a cocktail napkin!

Here's a few of the panels. None are really finished, but they are coming along well.

There's nice bright sun with most of a caterpillar appliqued onto it. Hungry Caterpillar won't be too hungry until I add his head! The sun has these satiny reys that will be knotted when it is finished. I have tried to add several tactile items. Upper right is the coccoon. It's fleece, and has a little stuffing in it.

The Hungry Caterpillar ate one green leaf... He's embroidered in this scene.

Hungry caterpillar hasn't got his eyes and antennae yet, but he is big and fat! A great variagated green fleece, with looped satin ribbon. Love the lollypop material that I'm using as the border.

I have yet to start on the butterfly that will be on the central part of the quilt. It again will have tactile items, like nubbly antennae, pieces of it's wings that move/crinkle, etc, and lots of color. Here's a sneak peek at the fabrics going on the back. Anybody know where I can get cheese, pickle or sausage fabric???


est said...

hi supermom,
thanks for yr invitation on yr quilt swap!! i really wanted to join but i think i need more time to sharpen my skill & speed first!

and wow!! yr book blanket challenge sure look like a big challenge (for me!!)yr sketch is so wonderful and detailed!! yr quilt will turn out to be super amazing!

Vicky aka stichr said...

I know has some 'cheesy' fabrics....I love the catapiller book and your block.

Lucy said...

I LOVE your quilt. What a fun idea (fun idea for a swap too! :o) ). You have inspired me with some more quilt guild funness and more Linus projects.

Anne Ida said...

Oh, this was a trip down memory lane!!! I used to love that book as a child, and haven't thought about it for years! Love the pannels for your quilt! It's going to be perfect!!!

Have you checked out e-bay? There are usually lots of different "strange" prints there, and usually you can get them cheap and cuts down to FQs (I got a hit on "fabric + cheese" in the quilting section)

Best of luck!!!

luv Abby said...

I love this idea.... it looks awesome and its so colourful
luv Abby

Quilting Pirate said...

What a great challenge and looks like you are doing a wonderful creative job!!

Hedgehog said...

LOVE this idea!! I have a bunch of children's book quilt idea kicking around - just got a new one this week. Just checked out your blog this morning - nice to 'meet' you!