Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Dream Big in Feathers

Back in March, I quilted another one of these gorgeous Dream Big panels, but in pink. That one was filled with all sorts of fillers from my two fills books (the green ones). While I was at MQX in April, I found this one in the orange tones. Those of you who know me know how very much I love orange. I was putty when I saw it, and knew it was definitely coming home with me, even if I couldn't imagine WHEN I'd ever have time to quilt it. When I will use all of the fabric I own is hardly the question to really ask!

I resurrected my Fearless Feathers class this year, and plan to teach it a few more times in the coming year or two. It only seemed fitting to create another sample to use in my class. These feathers are ALL from my book Fearless Feathers too, which anybody can purchase (look to the right sidebar). I explain all the ins and outs of feathering, and show each and every one of these type designs, somewhere. They run the full gamut from uber-traditional Victorian styled to avant-garde feathers suitable for more edgy quilts.
 I love these panels because they give even very seasoned quilters time to practice and play, without committing to a queen-sized piece. Each petal of this design is just enough practice space.
Some feathers are the backtracking variety, or Formal Feathers, while others are completely beginner-friendly. You can create so much gorgeous texture with the many styles of feathers that are possible.
 I even snuck in a pseudo feathered wreath at the flower's center.
This 42" quilt is double batted with 80/20 and wool battings. I wanted the definition of the feathers to be obvious.
 I quilted this with 4 colors of Glide thread - deep maroon (around periphery), red, dark orange and tangerine (only near center). The colors of thread graduated slightly with the colors of the petals, but they are darker than the actual fabric so that the contrast of the stitching shows just a tad more.
 Hopefully, this panel inspires somebody to try to quilt feathers. Many of these very feathers are part of my class content that I teach to very new quilters. They may look challenging, but I am confident that most of you can master these with just a little practice.
 School is just about out for my kids...one is now into 1/2 day finals, and the other two have 4 days left. Then it is officially summer and days of feather-play are harder for me. My quilting is spotty from now until late-August. Fortunately, I like to be up at 5am, and they appreciate 9am! 
Hopefully I have whet your appetite to take a feather class with me in the coming year or so. If you don't get to the shows where I teach, remember that these designs and techniques can be learned on your own from my book Fearless Feathers. And for those curious, the designs are applicable to either a long arm quilter or one who quilts on a domestic.