Thursday, June 12, 2008

I thought God heard my prayer...

I was so elated I nearly kissed my postal carrier when I saw there was a package going into my mailbox. Well I came to my senses quickly. But I was pretty darn excited (thinking it might just be that long lost DQS quilt that appears to be destined to stay lost), and even more so when I saw that the package had a return address from Finland. Finland meant one thing...Jen. Not only that, it took 3 days to get here. I'll take more Finnish mail, thank you!!
Several weeks ago, Jen asked for my address. I kind of thought little of it, as many people from the swaps ask, and I tend to only get a few little mail goodies. In all honesty, I really thought I was opening up THIS little beauty, which I truly love, for Kate's ALQS. Suprised, but equally as delighted, she sent me one of her mini quilts and a few other goodies. It has the same brilliant machine quilting and will look adorable in my almost 2-year old's bedroom. It's just her colors! Her patch quilted card is lovely too. The baby wrapper below is so cute - it used to surround chocolate :-)
I had to chuckle BIG though when I saw what Jen taped onto the package. It's a cartoon of a paper machine! Ha... she is a fellow Mainer, like myself, but lives in Finland where the pulp & paper business is like Life itself (once upon a day, it was like that here too). Anyhow, before my last 2 kids were born, I worled for Metso Paper designing, manufacturing and installing paper machine dryers - sort of a Queen of TP, I guess. I did that for nearly 10 years. My former employer, Metso, is a big name paper machine supplier in Finland. Small world.

Thanks Jen, the quilt is fantastic. Your humor is a close 2nd. And my boys are trying to behave so as to earn a chocolate, but I think I will out eat their good behavior! And for the ALQS gem, looks like it's enroute to another lucky lady!

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