Tuesday, June 10, 2008

In the Midst of Safe Harbors Now

Thanks to all for the great comments and suggestions about what to do about my beach chair. In the end, I have added a towel and beach bag to cover up the place where the background showed through. I also got my mojo this morning and have added some other goodies to the scene - a light house and two sailboats. It is looking most quaint right now. I am going to do my best to hold off on pictures for a while so that suspense can build (he he). I am currently auditioning borders. This does not typically frustrate me so much, but I want the piece not to drown in blues, but also want it to look summery & beachy. I should have it ready for machine quilting by early next week. I have a couple more things I plan to add to the beach scene, but you'll have to just guess what they are for now.

I finished off the binding on my 3rd Project Linus top (for the week). This sadly only makes five for the year, but it is a great start to clearing out my finished flimsies. I currently have two more tops unsandwiched, one that is nearly ready for the binding (I tied it yesterday and am adding a little hand quilting for added reinforcement). I also pieced a package of flannel 3" x 6" bricks together into a top over the weekend. I picked them up at a recent Linus blanket event that I went to. I have officially used all of the nasty poly bat that I had in my sewing stash (YEA!!).
Other updates...
My quilt for Ginger's swap is coming along. I have one more evening of hand quilting and it will be ready for a binding & label. It's due out by the end of the month.

I have also signed on for Toni's Miniature Booty swap again (yea...remind me why I need to make another quilt??! ). It looks like there's a great bunch of ladies signed up.

I am also making a couple of little goodies for my nieces. My mom is flying to visit them in 12 days. In January, they moved to Italy.

I need to get another couple of my heart blocks done too this week.


The Quilting Pirate said...

blink blink...where, just where do you find the time and energy?? :)

Helen said...

Ohhhh, I so want to sign up for the miniture booty swap, but already have 5 swaps on the go......

In answer to your question on my blog, 1 inch! 1 inch of white in the actual blocks. I did a tutorial on it back in early May if you are interested. :)