Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Treat for Little Italian Girls

My two neices, ages 4 and 6, moved to Italy in January. We had been very close to them prior to then, visiting many times a year. It's been a difficult transition for my older two kids, not getting to see them, and hearing that my mom is going there to visit next week. Sadly, at the tune of $1400 per ticket (and then we still need passports), we are not going to be visiting any time soon. That, afterall, is a huge chunk of my future kitchen-living room remodel.

I wanted to send something to them to let them know we are thinking of them. So I pulled out some of the fabric scraps I had from when I made her bed quilt last fall. It's very loud and colorful, and has fairies all over it. I'm not so fond of making little quilts for doll usage, or even ones that are so "cutesie", but I hope they will like them. They can go on their bedroom wall or keep a baby doll warm. This is Alyssa's...

And I fortunately had this pieced and quilted from another swap (partner opted to bail on the swap so I didn't have to mail it). Sorry, Rachel, it's not horses as I know you love most, but it does have some symbolism. Or it did when it was conceived. It was made for someone that had 2 girls, hence the two angels and two hearts. Luckily, it's way more appropriate for Rachel and Alyssa, as we really do love them. We may not see you right now, but angels watch over you, and you are in out hearts.
Then about 10 days ago my SIL said she'd like me to send along my remaining pieces of Alyssa's fabric to make her a dresser scarf. DOH! What scraps, I thought to myself!...I had just used most of them to do her mini quilt! After speaking to her last weekend, and getting the size dimensions she was looking for, I threw this together. Haven't done much other quilting in 3 days. It should have been simpler and would have been if I'd had bigger pieces.
It's made up of eight little hearts, one for each of us here in Maine. You can think of that, Alyssa, when you see them. That theory works at least until another of our cats croaks (which if Tiny Sally jumps to the balcony AGAIN, may be sooner than later!).
I put an extra piece of batting in the shape of a heart (basted it in) to make the puffy hearts. It's just something I'd been wanting to try. Seems with every little quilty project, I have been trying to work in my agenda for little tasks to practice. I was more scared of trying the "McTavishing", or should I call it "McMargaretting", but it really looks pretty nice. Or not too horrible anyhow.I wish I could say the same for these loops...I got the whole darn border quilted before I realized the thread tension had gone totally whacky. Spent 2 hours in front of the telly picking it out last night!
So, now I am free of these bright little wonders. GO with love!...I hope they like them. My weekly to-do's...
- finish 1st Bday block of Kate's swap
- plan a couple more of these blocks
- Buy a zipper, cut out pieces of Sophie's bday dress, and SEW
- make another heart block (only 2 more I think)
- hand sew binding of 4SQS summer quilt (Yea!...nearly finished0
- mail Ginger's swap piece to xyz quilter in somewhere, USA!!
- brainstorm about a nice traditional quilt to make for the next Booty swap (hopefully I will get a partner that likes traditional!)

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Tami said...

Oh those are so sweet! I'm sure that your nieces will squeal with delight when they see what you've sewn for them.

My friend wants me to make her two daughters little quilts for their dolls as presents. I'll have to pull out all the super pink and girly fabrics for them. :-)

I want to try out more machine quilting techniques as well. I may have to try that on a few practice pieces.