Wednesday, September 10, 2008

September Birthday Blocks

Here are my September birthday blocks (Julie's house), Becca's Brasstown star and the basket is for Faye. Hope they like them OK. BTW...Julie-this was my attempt at adding a lemon tree to your house. I am less than thrilled with how the mullions on the windows turned out, but overall it is pieced pretty well.
Here's a little infant double flanned blanket made for Project Linus. It has nice bordered animal print on one side and an ABC coordinating print on the other side. Simple and soft.

Now I am off to cut some cloth for other blankets!...


floribunda said...

hey -- I'm just impressed by the word "mullions"! They look great in the picture, and I really like the lemon tree; it looks a lot like the one in my yard, with lemons in different stages of ripeness.

Belém said...

The house block is amazing. I have never seen a pieced and appliquéd house block with so many details.