Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Weekly Ramblings

I have been puttering along with this and that, a little slower than usual because of going back to work 3 mornings a week, and having to prep for class, grade homework, etc. But none the less, there are still some sewings going on. And plenty of plans in the works (naturally!).

My youngest turned two a week or so ago. Here's (sadly) our best picture in the birthday dress I made for her (Damn her affinity for that silly hydrant!). She just loves the little red enameled ladybug buttons on it too-

I have finished up three Project Linus tops in I had lying around this past month. Last year I must have had lots of UGLY fabric donated because this is definitely not a beauty. It's well made, and machine quilted, but far from lovely. Someone will still be warm.
Here's a closeup of the quilting. I am obviouslt still working on machine quilting and various shapes, etc. I did flowers in each square.
I have started on this Unicorn quilt. I must have fallen and hit my head, and am losing my mind. I found this on the internet. It is massive paper piecing. I think it has 50 sections to paper piece. PPing is far from my favorite thing to do, being that it is slow, wasteful and I frequently mis cut and have to take out those awful tiny stitches. UGH! Luckily, I have all but one section pieced and will start to see the sections come together later today. I'll hold onto this for Christmas.I am also going to make my daughter a smocked dress for the holidays. The fabrics I have ordered are not "holiday-ish" but will look fancy and will be great for all of spring. I thought the ribbons and ballerinas were so girly. Plus she looks great in peach. I am anxious to try out the smocking pleater a former colleague of mine lent me last year once this fabric arrives.

Other notes...
~I am still awaiting my Miniature Booty quilt. Don't know if it's lost in the mail or if I have another no-show this session. Looks like it's time to quit swapping!
~My ALQS quilt top is getting closer to being pieced. I have been hand sewing bias strips the last 4-5 days (no hints for what they are!!). Maybe a sneak peek in a week or so.
~I have finished up a couple more blocks for the birthday block swap and will post pictures of September's next time. Julie - Your house is not a shed!! And no it's not a double wide either (though that'd be funny!). I think it looks good. But remember, every neighborhood has that one house that raises an eyebrow and makes you think to your self "What were they thinking??!"


Anonymous said...

She looks adorable in her new dress!! Happy birthday!

floribunda said...

I can hardly wait! My parents had their house painted yellow with orange and red trim when I was in high-school (way back when) and the neighbors all freaked -- even though we lived in Berkeley! Now every other house is painted some bright color...

(I don't have my booty either)

paula, the quilter said...

I did a one-on-one swap with a quilter in Illinois. Needless to say, I am still waiting. This was way back in the spring, too.

Belém said...

Congratulations. She looks so pretty on her new new dress. Very proud of her mom :)
Sorry to hear about your lost (?) quilt:(