Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter / Birthday

Saturday afternoon we died a few eggs. Yea, I know, that is supposed to be "dyed", bit if felt more like the other. With my 3 kids in those moods of theirs (ages 2.5, almost 5 and just 7), they made it like having a tooth worked on. One just wanted to go out and ride his bike. "Mine's dark enough, I'm done", he'd repeat. He should have just had a few brown eggs and he'd have been content. Middle man just wanted to slosh the colors around and make a mess, as usual. My daughter was the only one truly interested. Once again this year I say, "maybe next year will be more fun!!" The eggs are now hidden and awaiting the awaking (and hopefully not vomiting) children. My oldest surprised us at 11pm last night puking his guts up in bed. JOY!
I have held off showing this since it is a birthday present for someone who I think snoops this blog. The birthday is next week, while she's away in France. So, pending the puking offspring of mine, I will deliver it later today. With my son born on Good Friday, and her bday very close to Easter, it's somewhat fitting. It's hard to give up; I really like it!
Last month, I received some great squares from Amy in a spring fat quarter swap. Many were Easter-ish. I never showed a picture on my blog because I stitched half of them into this within days of receiving. Hopefully she can forgive this! Then I added small accents of the Fairy Frosts that Emma sent me to make my Easter egg shimmer.
It was so easy - just a bunch of half-square triangles. I drafted a template of an egg, cut to shape and quilted it. The binding is fantastic bias-cut material and sewed on like a dream.
I did a springy leaf meander in the solid zig-zags, and a tight meander everywhere else. Here's a peek at the back, where more of the quilting is obvious.
Hope you have a happy Easter with your family!


Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

Love the egg! Very cute. Hope your son is okay.

Millie said...

Your egg quilt is beautiful. I hope you have a Happy Easter.

katelnorth said...

The egg quilt is great - the tight meander really makes the zigzags pop.

Emma said...

Perfect quilting on the egg - as always! I, too, had an unsuccessful craft attempt with the kids - potato stamping. Eleanor was a mess, so MIL took her for a walk to the beach to leave James stamping - and he decided to go with them! Oh, well!

BJ said...

Fabulous quilts, incredible quilting. You are a master craftsman. I'm very impressed. I'm also very impressed by the quantity you create. You're my new hero.