Sunday, April 19, 2009

More Favorites...for the Festival

Like some others of you, I had a very hard time selecting just one favorite quilt to post about. I made this 2-3 years ago as a part of my Legacy quilt series. I am making wall quilts for each of my three children so that one day they may have a piece of my passion for quilting. Two of the three are completed and hang in our house.
I like to think that my style is traditional with a twist. I love the deep jewel tones, but also appreciate the bolder spotted batiks and less orthadox or conventional designs. Quilts with intrensic movement intrigue me. Though I do not own Luisa Smith's Strips-n-Curves book, I did see a segment on a quilt show prior to making this quilt. I had actually made another quilt in this same style the previous year which I totally loved (and gave away), so it was an easy design choice.
The first step of making this quilt is to assemble about 45 1.5" strips into one large fabric, sewing them side by side. Then, the quarter circles and their mating arcs are cut from this, but at a 45 degree angle. It is a glorious design day to arrange and rearrange these until the desired look is achieved. I did a few additional blocks to put in the waving purple stripe, or to add curves that extend into the border.
I have no idea which of my children will receive this. I have not afixed labels to the quilts yet. I figured that I'd either let them decide who liked which best as they grow, or I'll select quilts based on personalities.
The quilt is completely hand quilted, mostly along the ditches of each strip. It also has border quilting. (disregard that the picture below still shows marking chalk!! - it was taken before that was removed & I'm too lazy to go snap another shot).
If you have not visited this online quilt festival, be sure to do so. There's tons to see at


Emma said...

Keep posting quilts - all of yours are my favourites!!!

Quilt Pixie said...

I really like this one -- the curves coupled with the nice straight piecing of the underlying fabric provides a great contrast...

Nanci said...

You are absolutely right that there is a ton to see at the festival. I am taking my next stint into the 220 back to 150, and love what you have done!
Isn't this just fabulous?

Sandra said...

You should send a link to Louisa, I'm sure she love to see your quilt. I'm impressed you figured it out from a tv segment.

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