Friday, April 24, 2009

Need HELP Desperaterly

I am making this as a wedding gift for a cousin. It was designed with the intention of being a wall hanging (about 18"x19"). Everything was going along fine, and then I started quilting it. And that's when everything began to come unglued. I don't know if I should try to salvage it or toss it altogether.
I have done a pseudo feathered heart. I did the pink first, and am pretty pleased with how this turned out. I marked the brown heart next, changed threads, and proceeded to sew it a little bit wrong (used the wrong heart reference lines). This is likely not noticeable unless you see that the brown heart is a different size.
Because I sometimes have minor tension issues, I do the bobbin and top threads the same color. I hadn't anticipated how dark the brown would be on the back. And I really hate it.
...and a close up.
How do I fix this quilt?...
  • rip out all brown (heartburn sets in) and redo in pink (top and bottom)
  • rip out all brown and redo with brown on top and pink on bottom (and face the tension problems I may have).
  • ignore this and make big label to cover the brown
  • pretend I am not neurotic and just bind the quilt
  • Make it into a rather large pillow
  • other...???

Please DO comment - I need advice.


Vicki W said...

All of your options are good ones. Every one of them will work! How do you want to use the completed quilt? That should determine what you do next.

Millie said...

This is a tough one. Technically, I think your work is probably fine (I am not a machine quilter), so this issue is totally how YOU feel about it. If you could resolve the unquilted area of the brown heart to your satisfaction, with another kind of element that would "echo" the quilting you have done already, then do that. Don't rip it out, as it will inevitably do damage to the top.

You could start over completely, it would probably take less time, but that is completely up to you.

If you will see this quilt fairly regularly (like it is for someone you love with your whole heart), then you have to start over and give something perfect, because it will make you crazy every time you look at it.

Good luck!

I Love Baby Quilts! said...

I agree with Millie's mom, but I want to add that it's been my experience that non-quilters can't tell a quilting mistake from a hole in the ground. They don't appreciate very involved work and are impressed with easy work! But yes, if you're going to feel like you are giving them substandard work, then start over. At least it's small!

The Calico Cat said...

That's an easy one:
pretend I am not neurotic and just bind the quilt

Helen Conway said...

Big label. No question. Its simpler, you can do some applique on the label so it looks beautiful and deliberate. And it its a wall hanging no one will see the back anyway

black bear cabin said...

make a heart shaped label that fits inside the brown embroidery, then it will make sense as to why it stands out so will look like you made the dark heart as a frame for your label :)

Melinda said...

Since it is going to be a wall hanging I suggest you take the option of pretending you are not neurotic and just bind the quilt. It will look fine hanging on the wall.

sophie said...

How about this option, allow for the possibility that, unlike you, the recipients will think it's VERY COOL that you can really see the quilting where the brown thread shows on the back of the wall hanging and will especially like that detail. (And one day, neurotic you might like that FEATURE, too ;-)

Obviously, my vote is let go, bind the quilt and be very proud of the lovely gift you have created.

SandyQuilts said...

I love it. The pink is for the female and the brown male ... males are suppose to be stronger. Bind it ... they'll be thrilled with your gift. Really they will.

Vivian said...

No ripping and no do overs!

My first thought was to cover it with a label (and ultimately it's still an option), but I actually like the dark stitching on the back. The only part I don't like is the fact that the pink is not as dark so the brown heart looks like it has a break in it. If it looks darker in person (due to the way it's rendered on a monitor) then leave it alone, it's fine!

Some suggestions if you still want to solve the "break" issue (it's not a problem, only a design quandry) I would either:

1) Sew on a bouquet of small silk ribbon roses(the premade ones you can get at Michael's Craft Store) to fill in the blank space and a few scattered around the heart which makes it look like "I meant to do that". I did this recently when the corners of a prepared label did not come out great and I needed to hide them.

1) Handstitch over the pink quilt stitches on the back with a dark pink embroidery floss retracing all the stitching so now it looks like the two interlocking hearts are stitched on the back.

2) Restitch by machine over the original pink feather quilting but use invisible thread in the top (so as not to obscure the original top stitching) and a dark pink thread on the back to achieve the same effect as #1. (Test on a scrap first to make sure this works.)

3) Applique a heart shaped fabric label (plain, embroidered or decoratively stitched) and place it so the left upper curve of the heart fits right in the "blank space" on the brown stitched heart. Write up the label and give it as if "you meant to do that".

The great thing about quilting is that there are no mistakes only "design decisions"!

floribunda said...

I'll go along with the majority -- bind it, give it away, and expect it to be greatly appreciated!

Emma said...

Pretent you're not neurotic! I actually like that the brown shows the complexity of the quilting you've done. For your own piece of mind, the back will rarely be seen (except while being admired!) Bind it and give it to the couple. They won't see a problem\! And then stop worrying about it ;)

Quiltin' Jenny said...

ITA with Black Bear Cabin...only instead of making a label I was going to suggest a fabric pen and write inside the heart.

Voila! Instant label.

Take slow deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth and say, "I am not neurotic. I am at peace. This quilt is good enough. I'm okay. It's okay. We're all okay."