Friday, July 03, 2009

Happy Independence Day!

In keeping with our 4th of July, and my quest for making more seasonal table runners this year, I completed this a few weeks ago. It's a quick, simple piece - did it in just a few hours. I like the stars, and beach pails and the watermellons - just reminds me of summer (not this past month, mind you, but summer in general!) Though it's on my table, it is a better fit for my buffet (which just means I really need to get busy when some of those 4th of July fabrics are onsale next week!) and make a longer piece for my dining room table. I am all about having "the matching set" - table, buffet & wall hanging. I am doing a yahoo bloggers round robin right now, and my theme is for a 4th of July mini. I should have this back next July I believe.
The quilting is kind of pretty I think - basic, but a nice overall pantograph. Sadly, I thought that using this bold red "holiday glitz" Fairy Frost on the back was a great idea. Oh, was I wrong... It was like machine quilting with rubber as the backing. Moving the quilt nearly killed me. I ordered the stuff kind of on accident - all the other Fairy Frosts I just love, but this one was to "glittery"
Hope you all have a good day too. We're just thankful that it appears the rains have ended, and we may get out of the house for a bit. Might even be able to squeek in a little BBQ.

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call me crazy said...

Very cute and I love the other items in the photo too! :-) I'm planning to hit a few 'after the holiday' sales too as my patriotic prints are gone! Have a wonderful 4th!