Friday, September 18, 2009

Big Week

First off, with bated (sp??) breath, I can happily announce that I have made a decision. The rambling thoughts of "which long arm should I get" are thoughts of the past. I spent one last week, contemplating and investigating one last possibility. The rep from APQS was waiting anxiously to hear from me. She'd even gotten me a base extender (a $100 deal) added for free. Still I was not certain. That machine was over $15000 with the incentives of the Road Show, and to me that was a heck of a lot of money. OK, a helluva lot of money! The one thing I kept coming back to was a desire to have a rep closer than 2 hours away, should I need assistance, purchase parts, etc. On Tuesday I spent time on the HQ Fusion, which for some reason I never really considered all that seriously. It was more pricey, and that was probably the main reason. But after trying the Millinium and the HQ16 both, I knew that the Fusion was it. This machine is a big step up over the HQ16, and it sews like a warm knife through butter. Circles are round (as we'd want!), and this machine has 20" of space to sew. I absolutely loved it. It's a little more than I thought I'd spend, but over $3K less than the Millinium, which I had yet to really enjoy using. This afternoon, I officially ordered the Fusion!!

My other accomplishment is finishing my last and 52nd quilt for my Project Linus donated quilts. I am taking all 52 tomorrow to a local event, where 3/4 yard of fabric is given for every quilt donated! Count them...39 yards of free and wonderful fabric!!! The event is a total ZOO, but I love it. I learned that my region now has a new coordinator, so we should be having events again. The blocks for this quilt came from the flickr Quilt Block Exchange. I was going to machine quilt this on someone's Millinium three days ago, but after testing the Fusion, I knew I didn't need to. Instead, I used my home machine and finished it up yesterday. I love the modern look of the pink & orange. Way cool & sweet! There are seven quilts in my donation that have come from blocks donated by swappers that did my Spring Fling Round Robin. These quilts all came out so fantastic. I have two quilts which Kate sent blocks for. She has one heck of a block stash from her various swaps and Block Lotto winnings. It was tremendously generous, and children in my area will definitely benefit. So, if you find that you have blocks in your stash that you don't know if you'll use or when, I'd love to offer to give them a good home. I love scrappy quilts, and love to make scrappy quilts!
On Wednesday afternoon, I had a "photo shoot" on the back lawn. Despite the work of refolding them, I pulled all 53 (one is from my mom) of my Linus quilts, and layed them on the back lawn. Here's what 700 square feet (or so) of quilted love look like! I'm sure my neighbors thought I was cookoo! Actually, that is only about half of the quilts :0)
Here's a few more pictures in a flickr slideshow.
What next...Finish cleaning my basement out. I started that today, but it's got a ways to go. The LA should arrive in 1-2 weeks. Other things...finish off row for row robin, add on to a round robin, and continue with my business-y. Oh, and the absolute worst thing...I must start on Halloween costumes - my all time least favorite thing to sew!
Happy quilting


luv2quilt2 said...

What an accomplishment. You should be very proud of yourself. Congratulations on the LA purchase.

Lee said...

wow that is so exciting. congrats on all those quilts that is quite an accomplishment. and oh to dream of 39 yards of fabric...delightful

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Wow so glad to hear that you made a decision. I've never heard of the Fusion. I've been considering the HQ16 for a long time. Is there a website to look at the Fusion??

SandyQuilts said...

Congrats on your new long arm. Don't forget to give it a name.

Prince (Nolting PRO) and I are getting back into the swing of things now that summer is over.

AND an even bigger CONGRATS on your 53 Linus quilt donation. WOW

Emma said...

Congratulations on the purchase! I hope you have it soon and that everything goes well. As for the 53 Linus quilts - WOW! Does anyone else even come close to that?! If I were you, I'd've laid tham all out on the lawn, too!

Gina said...

Congratulations on finally deciding on and ordering your long arm.
Love thepics of all the Linus Quilts and enjoy picking out your fabrics.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Janice said...

Congrats on your purchase. I've been watching intently for your decision as I am going to be trying out the Fusion next weekend. Please keep us posted on what you learn about the machine as you start using it.

Janice said...
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