Thursday, September 24, 2009

More Quilt Flimsies in the Wait

As I anxiously await the arrival of my long-arm, I am still making flimsies which I will quilt. This is one I started last month, a pattern from a magazine. I had to stop and reorder more of the Kaffe zig-zag after making a cutting error. Last weekend on my mucho-shopping spree, I picked up the deep purple that is on the border. It's about 60" square.
This flimsy is a departure from the large-scale and modern prints I have been using a lot of lately. I had wanted to make some "beach" or picnic quilts back in the summer and had a hard time locating this Elizabeth Studios fabric which I really love. I did this 55"x65" quilt in rows.
These beach scene "fussy cuts" are framed in a royal blue Fairy Frost which I managed to get 2 yards of for free back in the early summer (fabric shop kept sending me the wrong color!). I especially love the scene below - it reminds me of my mom's 5 grand children.At the top of the quilt is a row of this sailing print (didn't show in the 1st picture I took). I think that living in Maine (and the scenes look very Maine-ish) may help this quilt to sell locally.
My last flimsy, which I have not decided yet if I will expand to a queen size bed quilt (now only 60" square) is based on the pattern done by Old Red Barn Co. It uses loads of modern large-scale prints, and exudes color and liveliness. It has many of the Chocolate Lollipop prints in it, as well as others.
I know I will be swamped with things to quilt when I do get my machine, but that fact has not stopped me from making more. I have a twin bed flimsy in the works as well as a top from my 9-patch blocks, which is just for quilting practice. I realize I will need several of these before I start stitching away on one of the better tops I have made.

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Auntie Em said...

What a pretty trio of quilt tops. I think the deep purple you chose for the border on the first quilt is just perfect.