Monday, September 14, 2009

Worse than a Soap Opera

And it's cutting into my quality sewing time too! Tomorrow I'm going to lose an entire afternoon of not having my 5 yr old home (this is PRIME sewing time!!).

That is the long arm shopping event in my life right now. I have been amazed at the responses from the HQ and APQS reps, as well as others who have machines. I have managed to get the Road Show special deal window extended through this week so that I can visit someone that has a Millinium set up in their home. Amazing that at the shows, they don't really tell you that the home set up may be a lot different than on the narrow show machine frame, which is dreadfully stiff. My thanks to Dawn-Marie for inviting me to quilt a Linus quilt on her machine (now I just need to get to Joann's between tomorrows appts to get backing and batting). My local Maine rep has also managed to sweeten the deal a little by adding in a base-extender, which I would have ordered right off. Still, the $15400 price tag is hard to swallow. Can I earn this back with customer quilts?? How long will it take me? Is this really what I should be doing?? OMG - the decisions!

Concurrantly, I have been serenaded (for lack of better words) by an HQ rep. She's given me great information, which is nice. I have also been in touch with the local HQ rep, who I am meeting with tomorrow. They have a free shipping deal this month. For some reason, I have been focusing on the HQ16, and had almost forgotten the Fusion. This machine is a much better comparison with the Millinium, having a mostly comparable throat/quilting area. It's less expensive and has a less desireable warranty. I did test it at the Maine Quilt show, and liked it fine, but 2 months ago the $12ooo price tag made me shudder. It's smaller and less expensice sister, HQ16, managed to get more attention from me. Today, the Fusion doesn't look so bad! I would not feel compelled to finance a third of that like I'd likely do with the Millinium. I am anxious to take advantage of "spur of the moment" Nana day care tomorrow afternoon so I can whisk off to try it out. Oh, the joys of retirement!

As always, stay tuned for the latest installment of the Long Arm Saga...
(and I as usual welcome your comments, suggestions and ever-valuable information!!)

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sam said...

I am so pleased you realize a real machine set up at home is superior to a "show" machine ... no matter which machine! Have a wonderful time "playing" !!