Saturday, March 27, 2010

Two Lines, 2 Seconds of Fame and a LONG Rant!

Today I went to a Project Linus Blanket event. It was the first our chapter has held in over 2 years. There was a lot of hype leading up to it. We really needed to get the word out again after the 18 month hiatus without a coordinator. We are severely in need of having blankets made by volunteers to supply to the various hospitals. Many (MANY) people devoted this day and many others leading up to today to getting ready for it. I made 2 quilts for them, one which will be raffled in May and one to be raffled at a later date. I also scurried in the last few weeks to finish 4 other donation quilts. If ever there was a charity deserving a good word, this is it.

And if my quilting business got a small ounce of promotion from the events, well, that's just icing on the cake.

Last Wednesday, a person from the local newspaper called and did a phone interview. We talked for 10-15 minutes. I was told she received a picture of the May raffle quilt, which I assembled and quilted. She asked about it, and other more poignant things. But, a mere mention that Project Linus HAS a quilt to be raffled off was one of the goals of the article. Afterall, we want and need to get money to buy fabrics and to host events. Well... the article came out a couple days ago. And here's my 2 lines of fame (within the article). Whoo-hoo...I let this go up about to my big toe (no worries about it being so good so as to go to my head!). No picture of the raffle quilt. No mention of much, really. Fluff, I tell you, fluff. And not too much fluff at that. That won't sell raffle tickets; that is for sure.

So today is the Show. You come in the door. There is a Meet & Great table, and a sign about a raffle. Inside, there are a couple of "real" vendors - quilt shops, and a pseudo vendor (aka "ME" - passing out business cards and showing pictures of 12-18 of my quilts, in addition to the 3 I brought). And there are 50 small quilts on display in the chapel. These are nice because this is very representative of what is donated. What are most people doing?...rummaging the "flea market" of nearly free used quilt books, patterns and scraps of fabric! Where is this alleged raffle quilt that they want to sell tickets for...that she just had to have???? On the backside of the "yard sale", being managed by someone's non-sales oriented husband. Yup, a man. Just perfect. I don't think he realized he was actually supposed to SELL the tickets. I am more than insulted that I have donated this quilt and it may go to someone and Linus will only net $50 for it! Hell, I'd charge $125 just to quilt it if Joe Blow came to me off the street!

In the early afternoon, I realized a local news station was there. He was talking to the coordinator, and someone else from an area hospital. She introduced me to him and he interviewed me about what I do, my involvement, why I sew for Linus, etc...maybe 2-3 minutes. Afterall, I have made over 100 quilts in the last 3 years. This interview had the raffle quilt as the background. He later took some still shots from my "booth". I recorded the news because we went out to dinner. This drivel is what I came home to see. Unbelievable. The"reporting" person was NOT the person doing the interview. She (Caroline Cornish) obviously cut 95% of the material he taped to suit her wishes. She was not even present at the event. So when you look at this 39 second news clip, the credit I deserve are for the 2 still shots of quilts, which can be seen here and here clearly. And they are in no way indicative of anything that Project Linus gets as donations! Ironic!

Sigh......I warned you it was a rant!

Have a good Sunday :-)


Pokey said...

Sorry. I've seen this happen before. You end up watching saying, where did that (idea/opinion) come from? It still is a good charity you support, and you don't do it for the reporters, you do it for the KIDS it benefits, kudos to you, and others like you!
:-} pokey

Trudi said...

Rant away! I'm with you on this one! There are plenty of people out there that receive Linus Quilts and are truely thankful for all your hard work. All the quilts looked fantastic! You all did a fabulous job!

Sewing Junkie said...

Years ago I did a video taping with a newscastor over sewing in a store I managed. It was their choice of questions. When it aired it wasn't at all like I had taped it. I think what you are doing is great. My Mom at 82 makes about 30 Linus quilts a year. Keep up the good work and their loss for not paying attention to details. Chris

The Calico Cat said...

2 more things.
Walter Cronkite is no longer in journalism & those who are no longer want to emulate him. (Just my take on the "news.")

The want it quick, not thorough & correct!

Emma said...

How infuriating and disrespectful!I completely understand how you feel. After my first raffle quilt received no effort on the part of the charity to actually raise funds, I spoke very carefully to the child care centre about my ideas and wishes before commiting to making them one, and thankfully that went far better and restored my trust. Try not to take it personally.