Monday, April 05, 2010

Belated Happy Easter

The camera was being persnicketty so these didn't get uploaded sooner! The kids & I did the eggs on Saturday. They are a dye as well as a metallic paint added afterwards, mostly by my 3 yr old. The boys were anxious to get out and enjoy the unusually warm day, but Sophie wanted to paint all afternoon!
Mamma bunny and her babies, for the annual and mandatory Easter picture. This year it was not in the least bit chilly to be doing this outside. Some years it is a fast phot shoot with many forced cold smiles! It hit upper 70's on Easter - about 20 above what is normal. Talk about Joyous!
This week Big Bertha was getting her first visit to the longarm doc so I was in another mode - operation turn blocks into tops. These are from a block swap last year. Acually it was a row robin that I had blocks made for. Some of the blocks were of suspicious size (ie not correct!) so they were not used. Others were used on 3 table runners I made at Christmastime. This was what I had left. It finishes at about 55"x 65" or so.
These blocks are from the Fresh Comfort Bee. The last 2 arrived last week. I decided I only wanted to use 20 on the quilt since they are larger 14". The other 5 were placed on the backing. Much to my frustration though, I discovered the asymmetry of the top, and that it was not quite layed out like I designed it for. So...this one may take a little pickingout and rearanging. Maybe.

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StitchSister said...

Hi Margaret, I think it looks great. Please do show the final product.