Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

Birthdays are not as fun as they used to be. I hate the thought of being more than half of my useful and happy life. I want to be young like her again! My irises are gorgeous this year, but she was not to interested in standing in front of the bed with the most number of them. Her casts have been off almost a week and I'm just angry and sad that nobody told us how insanely hard it would be after she had her feet back. She had fun today splashing in our kiddo pool though!
So, as alluded to previously, I had a birthday. It's not a markable number like 30 or 50, but will be soon enough. My family finally all (and I mean each and every one of them) figured me out this year. No gift certificates to stores I dislike, and things just plain unneeded. OK, sarcasm - like I need 30 more yards of fabric??! Of course. Who doesn't. This set of batik FQs came from my MIL, with a little assistance from my husband. They may be used to cover a couple living room throw pillows, eventually.
My husband got me the EQ7 upgrade, but that isn't coming until next month. My mom also got me two of the additional block libraries. I'm particularly obsessed with designing a quilt that will look like an Italian inlaid marble floor, and will use some kaleidoscope blocks. I also found the Northcott Stonehenge line which looks just like marble. Before my birthday (I kind of didnt think anybody had gotten me fabric..."grins"!), I had a little shopping spree. I selected several of the Stonehenge prints, some solids, and other (ha ha, just wait). But then my mom brought my bday present Sunday and low and behold, she had been Stonehenge shopping too! And a few coordinating Fairy Frosts as well. Did I say they all nailed it on the head this year or what?
And of all that I bought, we only duplicated one piece. Mine are below. I got a few more of the gold toned ones, and a few Bella solids for works in progress.
Today, my other order arrived from fabric.com. DO you see a trend?? Did I have green on the mind?! They are so yummy I can hardly stand it.
I am also done piecing the top for a commission quilt. It now goes into the queue of things needing to be quilted before I go on vacation!
And one last peek at a work in progress. It is a rather simple piecing to say the very least. I have modeled the blocks after the Mod Sampler quilt along that Elizabeth Hartman did last fall, but modified it a little since I don't like all of her blocks. I threw in a couple aqua and brown blocks for giggles too. I have another one started that is in just greens (hmmm, maybe some of the fabrics above will appear in it!). Those that know me know how much I loathe brown so this is a real stretch. I want to get a couple of more modern-ish quilts made and listed on Etsy before the fall (Christmas cash, ya know!), and I have finally decided to dip into the stash I got last fall at the Linus blanket event.

Now, I must spend the rest of the week starting an applique quilt and making some May bee blocks. Procrastination must end there.


AllyJo said...

I love all your fabrics and the quilts you posted. I miss iris's (how do you make that plural?) LOL
I can't grow them in Florida any more. I had beautiful ones in Texas. *sigh*

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!!
My iris aren't blooming yet,maybe another week or two! Love your new fabric additions, those green fabrics are gorgeous. Glad you got fabric for your b-day, can't get much better than that except some chocolate too!

Marlene said...

Happy Birthday Margaret!

Narelle said...

Gorgeous fabrics and ... Happy Birthday!

Rhonda said...

Now that's a great way to celebrate your birthday!!!!!

calicodaisy said...

Happy Birthday, Margaret! I'm sorry the little one is having such a hard time and hope you can finds ways to make both of you more comfortable while she is healing. -- michele

kwiltmakr said...

Sounds like a wonderful birthday! Wow what wonderful fabrics you have. That would make any quilter happy on their birthday for sure.

black bear cabin said...

looks like your birthday was perfect...you scored all kinds of wonderful fabric! hurrah!

bingo~bonnie said...

I feel ya on not wanting to celebrate yet ANOTHER year... but looks to me those around you have it all figured out! ;) Lucky you to get such useful gifts of fabric and EQ7! ;) I'm getting it too from my hubby but I'll have to wait until my Birthday at the end of July.

Love the photo of your daughter - her big smile is gift enough for a mother ;)

Love from Texas! ~bonnie