Friday, May 28, 2010

A Pukey Week

This week has stunk in terms of just about everything. My daughter is barely walking (with good chocolate bribes and under pain). My younger son was home 2 days with it running from both ends. Ewww!.. He admitted to eating a berry off of a Barbery bush on Monday, but when Sophie got the symptoms a day or 2 later, I learned that the berry was basically benign. So my husband was busy worshipping the porcelain this morning - actually I caught him sitting on the porcelain, puking into a trash can that he had to dump onto the floor. Poor guy! Now my tummy is not sick, but it is not happy either. I haven't really quilted in a few days because it was too hard to stop when I heard one of the kids on the monitor, and run up 2 flights of stairs to see what they'd produced for me to clean.

I've been puttering on designs for a new quilt to start - kind of a long term project intended to be finished next year sometime, and using the new Northcott Stonehenge fabrics I got recently. I want it to resemble some of the mosaic work I have seen on Italian marble floors. This is probably nowhere near my final layout, but an initial concept anyways.
Managed to get these blocks sashed in a soft butter yellow. The picture stinks, but I think it will be nice quilted.
And I cut into some of the new greens to finish off this set of blocks too. I was very luke-warm about them a week ago, but after pulling out a few of the more kelly-colored ones, I am really feeling the greens. I have ivory for the sashings. So many people gravitate for the white, but I just hate the harshness of white unless the colors dictate that level of crispness. These all have tones of ivory in them so it seems like the logical choice.
I have a lovely applique & block sampler on the LA right now. It's sweet, nicely colored, and really pretty fabrics (from LakeHouse Dry Goods I think). I worked on it for a little this morning while Sophie actually went to her last day of preschool until September, but this afternoon I couldn't get into it. WHen I feel crummy, my creativity suffers. It was better to chip away at some of my Bee blocks which are more mechanical than creative. Afterall, the end of the month is fast approaching.
So here's my question of the week...
Next weekend we are having my 6yr olds birthday party. What do I do with these kids (5-6 total)??? I've never had parties at home - we've always went to a museum or ChuckECheese, or this year, bowling. I have no idea what type of game(s) to do with these kids. HELP!!!


Millie said...

That quilt would be nothing short of outstanding! And your wonderful quilting skills will make it that much better.

Sorry, I'm no help with ideas for a bunch of 6 year olds. I'd find a way to keep them busy, hydrated, but most of all, I'd keep it short.

Good luck with the party & the tummy troubles at your house!

Lee said...

remember all the games you use to play as a them, they love them still. Best party for my daughter #2 was her puppy party complete with bone shaped cake in oreo (dirt) crumbs and find the bone shaped cookies (wrapped in plastic in the garden), play dogging trainer (ie simon says), puppy,, (aka duck duck goose) the leash on the puppy picture, i got dollar store dog bowls and the kids ate their cake from that. I only have parties at the age that are 2 hrs max. we were lucky that year it didn't rain! email me if you want more ideas

creativedawn said...

I've not gone through all of your blog to see if you've made the "Bella, Bella" quilts by quilt teacher Nora McMeekan. She has a book of designs based on the floors of castles in Italy and England. I attended a class she taught in this area! What a wonderful lady and I also love floor designs! That design you have will be STUNNING made up and you've got just the fabric to make it!

Wow, it's not easy when the entire family is ill...praying you don't get sick also...I use lots of bleach and I usually don't get whatever they have! Your baby girl is such a trooper, still I know that cannot be easy...praying that she will walk and without any side effects and soon!!!
hugz, Pam

Eileen said...

sorry your family has been sick--so NOT fun! thankfully for me, my two kiddos never threw up much or my hubby was home!!

as for the party--gifts for kiddos that are good are homemade bags with drawing pads,crayons,pencils, scissors, etc. games are good--try "beep". pick one child to go out of room, pick another to make a beep in a disguised way, first child comes back and tries to guess who's it. works for all ages. another thing is to play "still" where kiddos lay on floor and try to be totally still for a minute--they never can but it's always fun trying--several times even. good luck

Shasta said...

I am sorry your family isn't well. Hope you are all on the mend soon. That quilt design is spectacular. It would certainly make an amazing quilt.

Bill said...

If the party is for your son then water games would be ideal. Have everyone bring/wear a swimsuit and a change of clothes. Water balloon toss, squirt guns, running through the sprinkler, do they still have slip and slides? Then lots of relay games with eggs are especially fun. You can buy bird house kits and paint - that will take up some time. You can go to Goodwill and buy a bunch of old trucks and cars and have races or they can repaint them and add decalls - might be too messy though. You could have indiviual mini cakes and let them decorate them. You could do a choclate fondue bar - use bananas, strawberries, pineapples and dip them in chocolate and then have different topping to roll them in.
All these things could be done outside. Try a scavenger hunt or maybe make your own ice cream banana split or sundae. Keep it short and sweet - just a few hours is plenty. You might roast marshmellos and make s'mores - roast hotdogs. What ever you decide it will be a success - 6 years olds are easy to please.