Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bitten by the Silk Worm

My husband took all 3 kids and went somewhere nearly an hour away this afternoon. Translation: they will all be gone at least 4 hours. I no longer care that I have a headache. The house is quiet, and I have had the fun time of playing with fillers on my silk wholecloth quilt. It's small enough and stabilized so I can take it off and on the machine whenever I want/need. I received a box of Superior Bottomline thread this afternoon. It's mostly prewound bobbins in a variety of colors that I will use on a couple of upcoming quilts. One just happened to be the color I needed to get back on this quilt. Initially, I thought I might do the backgrounds in colors so that they show up more, but I had so much trouble with the Bottomline thread pulling now and then as I stitched the feathers, I decided I'd take a different approach. I'm awaiting several cones of Invisifil that I was going to use, but there was still polyester doubt. I have one 1000m cone of taupe silk-100 thread that I had yet to try, and I figured when better to do so than on the silk quilt?

Holy Shazam! I absolutely love this thread. It is smooth. It never pulled or nested on me. Never shreaded like the poly does sometimes. Many times. If only it weren't so freaking expensive. Like 6-1/2 times the cost of thin poly thread. Yikes! But it sews sooooo nicely (you can see where this logical argument will be going, right??). I just may have to get more of the taupe for quilting the background of the quilt I showed yesterday.

Anybody have a supplier of YLI-100 thread (1000m cones only) to recommend? Even better if they will sell to me wholesale...


supplier update...

1. has YLI 1000m at retail $18. Don't know about wholesale yet

2. Superior's has them wholesale for $9, and $12.99 retail, but I have not tried their silk.

3. The best prices I found are at Linda's Electric Quilters at $9 for the 1000m YLI silk - retail price.

Inquiring minds want to know...Why does a silk 100 never shread at the needle and the 60wt and 100wt polyesters do???


Lisa Marie said...

Brewer!! I don't remember what you have to do to set up a wholesale account with them, though.
The quilt is gorgeous!

Trudi said...

The superior Kimono silk sews like a dream too! But again, the cost is so prohibitive ( I have just one little cone I'm saving for something special)

Janet Stone said...

The Superior silk is as nice as YLI's. I would love to know the answer to your question also, as to why silk doesn't shred like poly does. I quilt on a DSM and have occasionally had the same problems with poly. I have had a lot fewer problems with invisifil poly though.

Superior Threads said...

What beautiful feathers you've done. I love the silk effect. Here's a link for more information on silk:

Keep up the great work!!