Saturday, September 10, 2011

More Time translates to Less Progress

Why does that saying always seem to be true? When I only had 2 hours a day to quilt, I was the master of productive. I was focused and on-task. Now that all 3 kids are at school for 3 straight hours every afternoon, I am a mush of anti-productivity. I find more things to do that just dont need doing. I waste more time on the computer doing Lord knows what. It's enough to just drive me nuts! Things need to change next week.

My silk wholecloth is off of the frame now. I tell myself: "It's off so I can plan what to do in the backgrounds and order thread". Reality: "Customer quilts really need doing so my indecision has to wait!" I have some ideas, and am contemplating using colored threads for the fills, but may chicken out on that. We'll see when the next order of Invisifil thread arrives. Thank you MQS!~
The back is this nice olive, which shows every painful stitch (and mis-stitch). I don't know what came over me when I chose the backing that dark, knowing that the thread/bobbin would match the top.

This week, I will lose 3 of my quilts. The babes are all being sent off to different shows. The shows seem to be rather late getting their acceptance notices out, giving us barely a week to ready the quilts before they must be sent. Sea Glass is very close, but still needs a little attention to some stray threads, and a 4" section of the binding. As I mentioned earler - procrastination! Fortunately, I did get the crystals put on this week. There's an insane number on this quilt. I only wish I could see it hanging in a show. Someday... As usual, I am busy designing another applique project. Like I really need another one?! But one of them is wrapping up, and what's another hand sewing project for the evening???

Have a good Sunday~

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creativedawn said...

Your work is that of a master quilter! Good luck with your quilts!