Sunday, October 16, 2011

Interesting Stories

I have been in the "news" lately. Here are two recent posts semi-featuring my quilting.

The Maine House is an absolutely beautiful blog that features lovely photos of my state, delicious food, and other pretty houseware things (ie. quilts). It's written by a woman who coincidently lives near me also. She shows one of my first longarmed quilts - the one that I won Rookie of the Year at MQX last year with.

A few weeks ago, the sister to a client of mine sent one of her stories about her daughter, a new quilter, to Quilt Story. It's a wonderful story about a relatively new quilter that wanted to make 13 quilts for her wedding, which was fortunately more than a year away (at least it was when I first started quilting for her!). Over the summer I was fortunate enough to quilt at least half a dozen of her quilts, as well as the "Beth" quilt that is shown on that post, which her mother Sandy won a 3rd place ribbon for at the Lowell Quilt Festival. I have previously shown pictures of this lovely quilt, but Sandy was most humble about posting her win until just recently. So check this's a heart-warming story.

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