Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rainbow Stars

One down, three to go. These are 20", and are taking me a ridulously long time to piece. For the most part, I am able to not tip off my triangle points. The Y-seams are getting old though. I have waffled horribly on whether to piece this quilt or to applique this one. A great comment was that the two designs should marry (or at least date!). I pondered way too long on how to infuse the seemingly Southwestern feathered stars with the more eclectic and art nouveau applique. My other desire was to use background and colored fabrics that I already have. I do have a plan
to infuse this with interesting and unique applique, but the first step is to get these 2 blocks wrapped up. Putting them aside will only make it harder to finish without errors (and trust me, I've made enough!). I cut out the HSTs an inch larger than they were supposed to be, but didn't discover it until I had 128 of them stitched into rows ready to put onto the star pieces. Woops! Pick out, trim down, restitch, repeat.

Here's my ponder for you this week...Have you seen a feathered star design that did NOT have a distinct southwestern feel? I need to see some because I really do not want the quilt to look that way. Send me a link if you do!


Monica said...

Marsha McClosky has done many books with feathered stars in them and they've never felt Southwest to me. So you might check her out...especially her book Feathered Star Sampler.


LynCC said...

Love this!! Well worth all the work

Joan said...

This is going to be a fantasticly colourful quilt :)

Jan Hutchison said...

This looks like a winner to me - beautiful quilting and the colors are yummy. I also have to thank you: I had tried Invisifil and had problems with breakage. After reading your post, I tried it with Bottom Line in the bobbin - no problem. Why didn't I think of that? Thanks!