Friday, January 13, 2012

You thought I was Crazy!

I received quite a few "boy you are gutsy" comments after my last post where I talked about painting on my finished quilt. They all made me smile, and think, "yup", they get me completely. I'm if nothing else, gutsy. More appropriately, I may be crazy. Seriously, I spent however many hours (let's just guess 50) piecing the quilt. Then another 50-60 to quilt the quilt. And then this crazy woman comes at it with a paint brush and the knowledge that this will be permanent, like it or not. I had a vision. I tested the paints on a sample piece of purple, and I had my own self-faith that it would work.
OK, the verdict is in. I do like it. No, I love it! It is the effect I was going after. The purple stripe is too wide (5-6") o just stand alone and although the scrolly-vinework quilting is pretty in gold thread, it probably did not show up from more than 6 feet away. My sincere appologies on not showing the entire quilt. It is here unquilted if you'd like a look. I want to keep it under the cloak of secrecy until it travels to MQX in April.

In my absolute avoidance to work on a couple of client obligations, I have made good progress on both of my quilts this week, despite having all 3 wild things home from school yesterday on account of snow. On Tuesday, I had the reconcilliation that I really di not like the binding on this next quilt. Remember it? was tan. The tan Kona was too thick for a double fold binding, and looked bulky. It also showed ever little waver on the front and the back. I love the look of the binding matching the outer color of the quilt, but it just had to be different this time. I ripped the binding off completely (about 5 hours of work). In most places, it was stitched 2-3 times because to trying to get it right next to the piping. Yikes. On Wednesday morning, I went to Mardens and got a half yard of 3 options - med green, deep green and more tan (single fold ???). In the end, I did a binding on bias in the dark green. Why do I always forget how wonderful bias bindings are?? They are so soft to sew on, and it is way smoother than an on-grain binding. It's done and it looks much better than before. Plus, I think I like it better too. Win-win.

Many people hav emailed about the Judy Mathieson quilt I posted last month, and where to get the pattern. I have a book of her's from the library called Mariner's Compass Quilts, and it has the central medallion (Costa Rica Cartwheel) and several other stars as well. I would assume that the checkerboard design is in one of her other books (how to draft it that is). Happy hunting and sewing.


Lisa D. said...

I just found your blog and after looking at your quilting, I had to wipe the drool off my computer. You are amazing!

harrispen said...

I like the new binding on that quilt. All your quilts are so beautiful. I love the colors you have chosen for both of the ones you showed today.