Monday, March 26, 2012

Cool Fabrics

I finished this lap quilt last week. It is a bit unusual in that the fabrics for the top are sort of canvas-y. They're very bold and graphic. Sorry, I'm not sure who makes these. My first thought was that they'd make some really fun summer placemats. Some prints have animals, and bicycles, and bright cheery themes.
The gem of the quilt, however, is on the back. If it were me, I'd have pieced the back and found a single piece of some small print for the top, because the back is awesome. The quilting is in a bright purple 40wt poly thread. It is barely evident from the front. But the purple bobbin is great on the colorblock (made from Moda Crossweaves, which I'm informed may be discontinued???). I chose a simple, hand guided edge to edge with plenty of swirly movement.

I should also mention that the thread is new. It's one of the Wonderfil Machine Quilter threads I got recently. It sewed beautifully. It has a slight sheen, not as much as the Glide though. I wish this thread was available for order in the fall, as I may have bought more of it with my gift certificate. As it is, I have 15 cones, and if this first encounter is indicative of other quilts, I will like using it.

The colors of the back remind me of these sets of silks I have been eyeing (from Brewer), and contemplating splurging on. The fabrics come in great shades of green, blue and purple. There is also a kit with all the red and pinks. Yum!

Last fall, I bought some of these (below)...they are September Light from In the Beginning. They are hard to find. I'm not sure if they have not really come out, or just were not mass produced. There are also prints in this collection, but the ombres are gorgeous. I am just now getting around to designing a graphic applique around these. All I need to get started is the background material. I thought I got it Saturday. My 7 year old helped me (probably too much) or I should say, urged me that the dark blue would be a good background. I was leaning towards black or soft tan. I erroneously got 3 yards of dark blue, thankfully at Marden's price of only $4/yard (it's a Henry Glass too). Now I need to go back and actually get a lighter shade of tan instead. But not today...he is home with an upset stomach. Figures!

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