Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Clamshells Quilt

This totally great new Neimeyer quilt is by CI Jackie Kunkel.  I thought I was going to have to wait to show it for another week or so until its unveiling at spring market, but when she posted a photo today, I knew it was safe to show.  I quilted it for her in December, and it is probably my favorite of all quilts I have quilted for her.
The colors are just yummy.  But then you already know I love lime green and orange!  It has a wool batting and is quilted largely with a peach YLI polished poly thread.  Pure white areas have white thread, but in person it has a pretty colored thread that shows, ever so faintly.
 Sorry, this is sideways, but I'm not patient enough to try to turn it.  I custom designed a feathery motif for the area beneath the clamshells.  This saved me from actually ditching all of those spikes.  I think it gives the quilt a pretty and unexpected flow.

Don't get me wrong, there was plenty of ditching done around all the arcs and triangles.  Otherwise they wouldnt have been so crisp.
 I love designs like this because though there is a lot of stop and start, it does fill pretty quickly.
 The white border has a pattern I also designed and happen to really like.  It is first quilted with the clamshell/semicircles, then the echo, and then the feathers last.  Gotta take advantage of even the smallest real estate...this was a 2 or 3" border.
Of course the back (why did Island Batik send Jackie aqua???!) shows a little of the quilting.  Or a lot!...
 And it seems that this just is not my day because this one is upside down too! Go figure.
Time to go putter on my own quilt, which is going at the pace of a dead snail.  Nice to know few things change!

Saturday, May 06, 2017


Time does fly.  My kids will be out of school in 6 weeks and the crunch is here.  As much as it feels like I work, there is always more. Should have been born male so when 5pm comes, I can just do nothing.

The biggest news is from a quilt show in Utah.  The show that used to be called HMQS (its now UQSM) is right now. I have 2 quilts there, and they have outdone themselves.  These are my newest finishes from late last fall and this spring).  One took 1st place in its category, and The Twisted Sister has earned her second Best of Show!  I was so excited to hear that this quilt did so very well. These are someone else's photos borrowed from FB because I am not there.

 Back in cold, wet Maine...I spent a week puttering.  That's code for "little of this, little of that, lotta nuthin".  I have a book in the works that may or may not be done later this summer. At some point I must switch gears and start prepping to teach in July and September. It still feels like there is a lot of content I need to tweak and prep.  Here's a sneak peek at one of a couple new class samples I have done on border quilting. I need a drone/clone that can just do all the things I think I need doing while I go take a nap.  I have a couple dozen borders still to draw.  Go, clone..
The extra body in my house is going back to work Monday. It will be SO nice to have my work space to myself again.  I spent time yesterday starting to quilt this quilt... It is my next quilt, but don't get any ideas you will see it finished before next April. This is the usual time I start quilting for an April finish, sigh... I have just reached the 1/2 way point with the ditching.
 I'm going to say this here, again.  I am sharing photos of this process so my readers can see them.  This is NOT something I particularly want you all to just copy and plaster on your facebook or pinterest.  Please don't. This is my personal intellectual property.  It's my design, and I'd like it not taken or copied before I finish. Thanks.
The backing is just amazing flower fabric.  No boring solid backing this time (even if it does show off the quilting better!).

After ribboning last week in Paducah, I realized I really needed to get a smaller quilt in the works. Somehow, all my quilts have gotten big - like 70" and larger.  I have always had a second entry that can go in the small quilt category until now.  I have a small hand-piecing project started. I might show progress in a couple weeks.  The theory is I may be able to have it finished by December.  I know, I hear the laughing in the background too...! LOL