Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another Week, Another Stitch

And another power outtage. Once again, I spent half the afternoon by the kitchen window hand appliquing. Good thing I actually LIKE to hand sew!! Fortunately it was only off 2 hours, not 8 like last Friday.

I have been relatively good at making progress on my projects, despite really having much finished to show. As they say, slow and steady wins the race.
My Miniature Booty piece is done except for the label. Pictures will be later, may be after it is received. I like it a lot, which seems to be a common trend in my sewing lately. I really should make things I hate more so it's easier to send them off into the world.

My Simplicity quilt is making good headway too. It is dreadful to photograph - the pastels are wickedly washed out, and the rose inner bordering is much bolder than in reality. It is actually 20 boxes, and now has a 3" border of the corresponding yellow floral (shown next).

I have begun the borders for the top of the quilt (part that drops down the side of the mattress), and hope to have them on by end of next week.

My Project Linus Bear-Blanket quilt is coming out adorable. The top is 90% finished with the MQ. I have done a wavey-swirly tight quilt in white and aqua rayon threads. It has a wonderful shine. The bear blocks are a little different, with accent stitching around the bears, and more lateral stitching as if to mimic the ice and clouds.

The borders on this quilt are 6". That is quite a lot of area to have to figure out how to quilt! I have already used 6 bobbins and 500 yards of thread!!


jovaliquilts said...

I love that Linus quilt! I know what you mean about pastels being hard to photograph. I like the design on that one, though -- simple indeed, but very pleasant to look at.

Valerie said...

I love both of those quilts! Normally I am not a huge pastel-floral girl, but I really like those fabrics, and I think the pattern you chose shows them off beautifully. And the recipient of that Linus quilt is going to be one very happy little boy or girl!

Kim said...

These are both very nicely done! The Linus quilt isn't the simple design that I am used to seeing. How is the Simplicity quilt made? It looks like you made a quilt top and then cut it up.

Emma said...

Both beautiful! I'm still completely in love with the polar bears quilt! When did you last make a quit for yourself? I'm desperately trying to, but my own things seem to keep falling down the priority list!