Thursday, July 10, 2008

Goodies in the Mail & New Projects

I had my entire week and weekend planned out. I was going to get going on a Project Linus blanket that will be entered in their Book-Blanket Challenge. The blankets need to be turned in by sometime in September or October, and should be designed around a children's book. The book and quilt will be given to children at this hospital between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Last year I made the Hungry Caterpillar (and won too!). This year my goals are lower. I will be happy just to get my blanket top finished before we go on vacation next month. my plan to go full gusto on this quilt top came to a screeching halt when yesterday's mail came. Two squishy packages!! My Moda 3-Sisters Simplicity charm squares and accompanying fabrics came. OOhhh, they are so sweet and romantic. They will make a fantastic present for someone. I just had to piece a "few" of the charm squares together to see how it would look. You'll have to return tomorrow for pictures of that :-)

Here's a question for all you charm pack users. Obviously I did not prewash these before sewing. But should I prewash the yardage I bought before I cut and sew with that? or might it be better to wash the entire quilt top when it is finished? My inquiring mind wants to know what YOU would do :)

Well, back to my book quilt. Here's the book.
I actually found it at a local consignment store in hardbound for $2, brand new. That beats the $30 price tag I saw at Amazon! It's a supersweet tale of a polar bear mama and cub. I have a very small amount, maybe half a yard at most of this fabric too, which I knew when I selected the book. This was used on my son's bed quilt recently.
My plan is to cameo-cut as many of the polar bears as possible, and then design a pieced quilt around that. I have several corresponding blues and light grays in nice nursery prints - polka dots, checks, hearts, etc that look fantastic with the background of the bear fabric. They bring out all of the ocean, ice and sky characters of the fabric. Initially I envisioned appliquing a fleecy bear cub or two onto the border or the quilt, but concept will have to wait until the top is finished. I had much of the piecing cut yesterday before the mail came (and squashed my motivational steam...). Once the little ones were napping, I also started sewing to realize I 'd made a small error and my pieced blocks were coming out the wrong size. Seems I'd mixed up my two piles of squares and used one for the other's purpuse. UGH!.. rather than pick out 12 9-patch blocks, I decided I could afford to make the quilt 6 inches larger with just adding bordering to the bear cameos. My simple plan is still rather simple, just not going together without a little modifications. I still hope to have this top pieced by the end of the weekendso I can get back to the Simplicity quilt.

For all of you Booty Swap lookers...I have actually done a fair bit of that quilt top. It's 90% hand applique. It's another that I'd like to have finished before we go on vacation in August. I think I may hand quilt that one, but I'm not sure. I need advice. If there is anybody that uses (and likes to use) perle cotton threads, please tell me what weight you use and where you find it. Thanks-

My 4-Seasons Beach quilt is entering no-man's land (AKA postal service) - and here's where I begin to hold my breath and pray it arrives where it is destined to go. I hate the thought of lost quilts, especially one of mine.

Anybody that is inquiring about another round of the Spring Fling Round Robin that I host...I am just about to kick off the fall installment of the swap - in just a few days. Keep your eyes peeled here for the signup as it will be limitted to 25, and my awesome quilters from the first session will most definitely get priority.

Have a great week's end!

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Tami said...

I've never used charm packs before. But it seems to me that if you'll be sewing them with yardage that you'll want to wait to wash the sewn top. Otherwise if you only wash the yardage and then sew it to the un-washed charm bits you'll have uneven shrinkage in the end. Of course this is pure conjecture on my part as I've no experience with them. :-)