Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I must be nuts

If I think I can handle yet one more unfinished project in my sewing life!

I have an assortment of various scrappy blocks in even more various stages of construction across my sewing tables. So why do I need to start more???

Am I tired of those silly florals already??...there's 5 more of my 20 blocks to complete piecing.
What about the scrappy greens that just need their white framing?

Oh, I am most definitely certifiable now.

This afternoon I cut for all, but have 8 of my 24 blocks pieced. All log-cabin (I think!). I have discovered I need to substitute a fabric for my center blue and white as I only have enough for 20 blocks, not 24. That distracted my progress a bit. Now I have to wait for my son's bus (so sewing is over until 8pm).
It's nice soft, all scraps I have...some Asian (dark blue Kona Bays), and a few this-n-thats. The sunflowers always remind me of France :-)
I cannot really show the arrangement I have in mind until I have at least 8 more blocks. So stay tuned...maybe tomorrow!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I really like those blocks, the centers really change the look of the log cabin blocks... trying to picture the design-squares with a straight line between each one?