Sunday, November 16, 2008

Planning at a Snails Pace

OK, so these are nothing new. You have all seen them a few weeks back. The plan for what I plan to do with them is all that is unseen, unless you consider my afternoon's meeger effort of adding a mere 1" border around each block. My mind has been taxed lately with completing other things, worrying about the quilting on a piece that I hope to have back before Christmas, and general life (my class, kids, etc).
I have wasted an inordinate amount of time today drafting a bow pattern to use at the junction points where the sashings will come together. The first one I drew up would have been a beast to construct. This can be paper pieced rather simply. And since I only need 10 of these, I'm not overly concerned about the complexity. I am tentatively planning to use a button as the bow centers. The sashings will all be the same fabrics, so as to make the colorful array of little dresses appear cohesive.
(colors not necessarily as I have shown...this is just for pattern/size placement)

The sketch above shows where the bows would be - at the junction of 4 dress blocks. The sashings will be done to resemble a ribbon. I think I have enough of the yellow floral fabric that is the outer stripe on the curtains shown here. It has hints of rose and lime green, and is just generally sweet and old-fashioned. It also tones down the many shades of pink being used.
I have a couple of Linus tops completed this week as well. One is still awaiting it's ladybug, but they're generally done. I'll photograph them tomorrow.
Now to go ponder if I want the entire top of this quilt to be 15 dress blocks, or if I ought to alternate with something else?? Thoughts?? ...indicision!

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Tami said...

I like the dresses. I wonder what one of the blocks would look like if you used a pastel color as the background and made the dress out of a white fabric - perhaps an eyelet, or with an embroidery on it?