Sunday, November 02, 2008

Winner 2nd Year in a Row

Despite allegations that our local section of Project Linus is about to shut down (due to lack of leadership), we still held the annual Book-Blanket challenge yesterday. About 30 quilts (and books) were entered, and mine won! I just loved this quilt. The colors were sweet and crisp. And the book that accompanied it (Big Bear Little Bear) was equally lovely for a young child. The shot below I just realized was taken before the quilting was actually completed...oops! My mother's quilt, all done in brightly colored butterflies (and I am still trying to locate a picture of it) won 2nd place. As great as that...because there is a chance that the Linus group will not exist in my area soon, the present coordinators sent me home with nearly 30 yards of awesome fabric, maybe a fourth of it in fat quarters, and the rest in at least 1 yard pieces, all donated by Mardens. They wanted it to stay in this area, rather than shipping it off to the Northern Maine Project Linus chapter. How great is that!!
Now about Project Linus closing up shop...The current coordinator does not want all of the duties of this position. Neither do I, but I have spoken with her about how I can help. There is a possibility we may actually get people to assist so that Linus can continue, but if not we can still arrange to make blankets for the major children's wards in our area. We've discussed the possibility of a different person adopting a hospital, and being the administrator of it's receiving of quilts,etc. I'd get the names of people that currently make blankets and we'd have to arrange drop off or pick up to me, and I could take to the hospital. Many details left to iron out. I can't have my sewing time minimized, but I really want to help out. Under this scheme, blankets could no longer carry the Project Linus tags, but the children that are sick and in need would still receive a loving blanket.

When I was not busy with what has to have been the worst wedding in history this weekend, I was wiped out and nauseaus. So, there has been NO sewing whatsoever. I managed to cut pieces of large floral prints for a quilt I want to make this week. I did get four dresses done this week. There's now 8 awaiting some embroidery and borders. I am a bit frustrated to see that the background appears to look different on some of them, and I am not sure why. I also have small spots on one piece that will hopefully come out. It is time for a new camera, as I can no longer take nice clear shots of anything, sigh!!


jovaliquilts said...

Hope you feel better!
Congratulations to your and your mom! I remember that bear quilt, it's just super. Bummer about your Linus chapter. I'm glad you'll still be making quilts even if not through PL.

Kathy said...

Congratulations on winning! This is awesome. Congratulations to your Mom, too. I sure hope ya'll get to keep your Project Linus group -- it is such an awesome project.

Sorry you are not feeling well (((hugs)))).

Vicki W said...

Congratulations! I hope you can keep your Linus chapter going - it's such a worthy cause.

Emma said...

Congratulations! A gorgeous and deserving winner!

Cascade Lily said...

Congrats to both of you! You are right not to take too much on.

"When I was not busy with what has to have been the worst wedding in history this weekend" - do tell!!!!

Cascade Lily said...

Oh, and I hope you are feeling better!